Monthly Archives: August 2010

Miami Spice: Asia de Cuba

The husband and I have decided to actually leave our amazingly comfortable couch and venture away from Cheetos and bacon for a few weeks to enjoy Miami Spice, one item on a short list of reasons why I ever really enjoy summer in a city where 85 degree weather passes for “brisk.”

Our first stop this year was at the Mondrian for some Asian-inspired Latin fare at Asia de Cuba. While the decor was intriguing and whimsical in a Wonderland kind of way, it was the pairing of bold flavors and seasonings in each dish that left a lasting impression long after we’d exited the marble-encased madness. Major points for the lobster mash, a definite favorite. Though we’re still not sure if everything else quite went together on the plate, we can definitely agree that boredom was not an issue.

Oh, yeah. We saw Fat Joe. That’s gotta count for something, right? The journey continues for decent food in Miami. We’ll keep you posted. Next stop: Fontana.

Burlesque at the Vagabond

Nothing makes my heart sing quite like a perfectly painted lip, deviously inky eyeliner, and loads of shimmering rhinestones in just the right places. The burlesque show at Vagabond last Saturday night did not disappoint with a lineup of glittery sirens to lure any sailor to his (or her) delicious demise. Oh, and you can’t beat a classic Elvis tribute. Check out pics and video below. Don’t mind all the noise. I couldn’t help shrieking like a school girl at sweaty Elvis. *Swoon*