Monthly Archives: October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, kiddies! I feel like a kid at Christmas. Tony and I spent last night stitching up and putting finishing touches on our costumes while watching Friday the 13th (unfortunately, it was Michael Bay’s 2009 version). So far today, I have celebrated by making lunch while singing along (very loudly) to the Rocky Horror Picture Showsoundtrack as Tony played Dead Rising. Next up, Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye and lots of bubbly in preparation for Lincoln Road followed by the premier of Walking Dead. I’ll be sure to post pics of our costumes. For now, here’s my witch pinup pic, courtesy of Terribly Girly. However you celebrate, wishing everyone a magical day! xoxo

A Little Ink

There’s something about the smell of antiseptic soap, ink, and alcohol. The combination of these scents always makes an impact on me upon walking into any tattoo shop – it never fails to make me giddy with nervous excitement, even if I’m just there for support. Walking into Phat Joe’s on Wednesday night made me nostalgic and wistful. Coupled with familiar faces and the promise of new artwork beaming colorfully from every inch of wall space, places like these tend to feel for me like a home from another lifetime.

Nicole was a bit anxious about this particular tattoo due to its size and permanent placement in a highly visible spot, but I know she felt more at ease once she was greeted by petite pixy Maytee Bringas, longtime artist and creator of Mayeville, a place for all things cute with just the right amount of cult edge. Maytee manages to make permanent ink application appear no more difficult than skillfully applying liquid eyeliner. She balances cupcakes and skulls in a way that just works and that’s just a girl after my heart.

Working in a tiny cubicle covered in Hello Kitty, Betty Page, and Mark Ryden, what felt like only a few “brushstrokes” amid a flurry of girl talk turned into the final product (pictured below) that made me have to resist lunging towards her and volunteering my own limbs for canvas.

I forgot to bring my camera along, but here are a few shots from my phone. If you’re feeling the urge for ink as badly as I am, consider Phat Joe’s on 84th Avenue and Bird Road.


Note: I was a little worried about the skewed perspective of my blog – specifically the disproportionate amount of bubbles versus ink. I hope to begin redeeming myself with this post, honoring my friend Nicole and her recent experience with talented tattoo artist Maytee Bringas at Phat Joe’s. I’m hoping to feature more talented artists, and keep praying that at least one of them will be working on me soon.

From Brujita to Bewitching

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with the fabulous ladies of Terribly Girly as they turned an everyday “brujita” into a Barbarella-style witch in honor of Halloween. It took quite a bit of time and effort (more than I care to admit) to complete the transformation, but the end result was well worth it and strikingly different from anything we’ve worked on before (never been blond a day in my life!). I should have teaser shots soon, but here are a couple of (slightly blurry) images I was able to capture with my phone between champagne breaks and wardrobe run-throughs. Hope you like!