Monthly Archives: November 2010

Phase 2 – The Kitchen Project

I’m crouched in a corner of my kitchen admiring the angles of what finally has some semblance of the home improvement project I’d hoped to finish before Thanksgiving. My back is throbbing and my stomach is begging for something other than a cube of cheese and quarter cup of cranberry juice, but there’s nothing in that refrigerator that hasn’t already been promised to a guest or relative. No matter. In four days, I’ll be on a plane to Vegas savoring the kind of exhaustion that causes nightmare-free sleep. In the meantime, I enjoy the look of Phase 2 and wonder what I’d have done with just that much more of a budget. It’s a start…



A Little Panic, A Little Upgrade

November has caused me a level of  anxiety akin to that of stage fright combined with first-date jitters. Not only is my first wedding anniversary less than 3 weeks away (with a trip to Vegas pretty much right after our pumpkin cheesecake), but the proverbial baton has been passed and I am now officially in charge of hosting the family Thanksgiving dinner at my (very small and hardly adequate) home.

In traditional Cuban-girl fashion, I have already panicked and read at least 2 Williams-Sonoma Thanksgiving cookbooks. This, of course, was followed by yesterday’s impromptu trip to Ikea, mecca of all things cheap, chic, and Swedish. Phase one of my prep time turned into a living room makeover for under $130 (pics below – we basically bought a large mirror and small side table and moved things around until they made sense). Phase two will consist of a kitchen renovation, currently underway. Phase three will undoubtedly involve some sort of muscle relaxer and a bottle of champagne. Check back often and see if I survive.


db Bistro Moderne – JW Marriott Marquis Miami


Last night, I had the rare opportunity to peek behind the curtain of the new, polished and pristine JW Marriott Marquis Miami. Scheduled for a grand opening this month, I was invited to test the db Bistro Moderne, a little gem of a french restaurant by James Beard Foundation award-winning chef Daniel Boulud. The concept is traditional French cuisine blended with flavors of the American market.

I wish I could tell you I was thorough enough to (stop, breathe, put the fork down and) take some pictures of the many varied perfectly prepared dishes we indulged in (grouper, steak, roast chicken, among a slew of appetizers that barely had names before being devoured by 3 individuals badly in need of a decent meal), but I did regain my sensibility by the time dessert came around. The JW Marriott Marquis Miami opens tomorrow. We hope to return to put a dent in that wine cellar soon.



Halloween on Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road never disappoints with the crazies (and that’s on any regular Tuesday night). Here are pics from our night out on Sunday. I had a great time, despite the fact that no one had any idea what I was dressed as. I guess I’m the queen of obscure references. Regardless, I think our little group had some great costumes to show off (especially Tony and his Chespirito tribute). Check out pics below. Oh, and, though I’m a day late, feliz  Dia de los Muertos. Enjoy!