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Saint Cupcake

I first learned about Saint Cupcake on Valentine’s Day last year when my hubby saved an email I’d sent him from Daily Candy and placed an order from the truly heavenly cupcake shop on the west coast. Luckily, he kept the tradition alive again this year and had this amazing box of sweet treats delivered just in time for the holiday.

Here are a few pictures before, during, and after assembly. I have no idea how they keep their ingredients so fresh, but the final outcome is truly divine.


The Drowning Men

I’m still kicking myself for leaving behind my camera last night and missing an opportunity to capture what could have been an opportunity to meet and chat with California’s own The Drowning Men, a band of four longtime friends who have been part of other collaborations but have recently formed this ensemble that did more than just warm up the crowd for Flogging Molly.

As promised, the band waited around their table in the Fillmore’s intimate lobby trying to personally sell us their t-shirts and music. While I wish I could offer more than just this brief introduction to their music, the melodic runs with moody undertones and revival rock influences are worth a listen:

The Drowning Men will be joining Flogging Molly on all their tour dates. Click here for more info.

Magic City Memoirs

The official trailer for Magic City Memoirs has been released. Tickets go on sale tomorrow for its world premier at the 2011 Miami International Film Festival on Friday, March 11 at 7:00 p.m. in the historic Gusman Theatre in Downtown Miami. If the trailer is any indication, this is pure, real-deal Miami private school drama (I should know). Cant wait to see it.  


Puppy Love

I can still remember the day we adopted Romeo. He was a scrawny little thing with a halo of fuzz framing his tiny face. The good people at Second Chance Rescue  took him in after an anonymous breeder left him at their doorstep with a note explaining he was the runt of the litter and had little hope of surviving. Barely, the size of a CD, they took him in and nursed him into the feisty little pouf my husband picked out for me online as a gift.

Appearing more rodent than K-9, I was admittedly put off by his appearance when we first met as Romeo had just shed his first coat. But he made no apologies and with a few blinks of his chocolate brown puppy eyes, he easily nestled himself in the arms of my lovestruck husband and found a home with us that day. It’s been a little over two years now and it’s hard to tell who’s more of a sucker for that pup in our household, let alone with the rest of the family.

Recently, we reached out to the ladies who made this adoption possible about making a donation to their cause and they were gracious enough to send us Romeo’s puppy pictures since, they said, we were his “parents” and should really have them. I couldn’t agree more. Adopting Romeo is one of the best things that’s happened to us and it truly changed our lives for the better in ways we couldn’t have imagined.

My heart goes out to the pets who are abused, abandoned, or can’t find a home. And though I wish we could take them all in, we’ve decided to make a small contribution and help the cause by making others aware of how easy it is to help by adopting rather than buying your pets from a breeder and/or making a small contribution to help keep organizations like this alive and able to give care and love to these little creatures who can’t speak for themselves.

If you’re at all interested in making a contribution, you can donate online here.

If you’re looking for a pet, check out their gallery for available animals.

And, if nothing else, please help spread the word by sharing this post. Any little bit helps.  



Rodrigo Varela: A Day Behind the Scenes

Though I’ve never been particularly camera shy (shooting with Terribly Girly is one of my favorite hobbies), I was singing a different tune back in November of 2009 when the realization hit that my wedding photos would be around for possibly longer than I would. Tony and I opted to do without a videographer, so pictures are all we have to remember our special (and quite expensive) day. Enter Rodrigo Varela – a man who’s captured the likes of Jay-Z on film and regularly shoots events like the Latin Grammy Awards, but had no problem making my husband and I feel like celebrities with images to rival those in any upscale wedding mag.

Recently, I had the pleasure of spending another day with Rodrigo, this time behind the scenes of my sister’s “quince” photo shoot. Watching him work is inspiring as he shudders at the mundane and makes it a personal goal to never duplicate any shot he’s previously produced – a challenge even for this experienced photographer considering the Biltmore is a common choice for brides and quinceañeras alike. I only have a few images to share but the sneak peak he afforded me assures me he’s triumphed yet again. I can’t wait to see the final product. For now, I’m including some of my own (very amateur) pics of the energy and effort it takes to make one princess stand out from all the others.

Some images from the quince shoot:


A few of our favorite wedding photos: