Monthly Archives: June 2011

Events by Francesca

I’m very excited about working on the copy for Events by Francesca‘s new website. Aside from being a highly talented and creative event planner, Francesca also happens to be one of my dearest and closest friends, as well as the one who managed to keep me calm and more bridal than bridezilla under severe wedding pressure. Because of her, I had the the kind of wedding I thought I could only dream of.

Now she’s lending her talents to some very lucky brides in Miami, helping them realize their dream wedding within very real budgets. I’m beyond proud and excited for her and hope everyone gets a chance to know her exquisite work. If you’d like to contact Francesca, you can email her at or become a fan on Facebook while Tony and I work on her site.

South Miami Farmer’s Market

Saturday mornings at the South Miami Farmer’s Market are quickly becoming a treasured weekend ritual. My favorites are the french pastries and espresso stand at the head of the tiny strip, the nameless Peruvian ceviche stand that also sells some of the freshest guac and salsa I’ve ever tried, Crackerman’s herb humus and German bread, and, most recently, the Cheesecake Gallery’s petite bites of happiness. There are also a few stands with fresh produce, organic honey, and enough ingredients to make you want to take on cooking as a serious pass-time. Check it out on Sunset & 61st Ave if you’re in the area. The Market opens at 9:00 a.m. and runs until 12:00 p.m. every Saturday.

One Long Year

I suppose I should take it as a sign of good things that last month came and went and I was truly too busy to remember that it marked a whole year since I decided to start Bubbles&Ink and take on writing as my full-time profession. I couldn’t feel more blessed. Thank God for this amazing year and for the people who have been so supportive during this transitional time. I only hope that I’ll be in the same predicament next year.

Much love and Cheers!