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Good Nightmares

I was such a huge fan of Emily Strange back in college. What’s not to love about the little weird girl with jet black hair and a collection of matching kitty cats? But somewhere between growing up and joining the workforce, I lost touch with my favorite caricature. You can imagine my excitement as I came across this quirky glossary of nightmares while working on another project. Behold, the Good Nightmares Glossary from Emily Strange. I may have to add this one to my wish list…



The Book of Nightmares

With Halloween looming closely overhead, I thought it appropriate to share an intriguing piece of literature from Pulitzer Prize winning author Galway Kinnell. The Book of Nightmares, published in May of 1973, drips with imagery of horror, anguish, and brutality – and promises to become a sure favorite despite whether this wrenching genre may fall within your realm of preference.

Kinnell’s other works, dating as early as 1960, can be found on his website and are, of course, available for purchase on Amazon.

Events by Francesca Launch

Tony and I have been keeping quite busy working on more than a few projects, but my favorite has been Events by Francesca, the new wedding and event planning company founded by one of my best friends and favorite event professionals.

I wrote about her company a little while ago (check it out here) and I’m  happy to report that things have only gained momentum since she decided to launch the business.  Think of her as a much younger (and Cuban) Martha Stewart with the think-out-of-the-box flair of Preston Bailey. You really just have to love that.

Check out Francesca’s blog for your fix on all things glamorous, and if you’re a bride, she’s the one who can really make it work without blowing your budget. (Trust me – I was also a client.) Congrats, Frenchy!

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An Education in Diamonds

Sometimes the only thing that can make a girl feel better after a really rough day is a little daydreaming. I was indulging in some online retail therapy when I came across a really great little diamond tutorial from Seventy Seven Diamonds. I remember reading up on my 4 C’s back before I had a ring on my finger. These little charts took me back – and actually cheered me up (as did the site’s fabulous collection of all things diamond.) I hope you find it educational. A girl really should know all of her C’s (and then some), after all.

By the way, for some serious indulgence, check out their blog. The Elizabeth Taylor post alone will make you smile at least a little.

Nordstrom Fits America: BRAvo! Event

With October being the official Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’ve decided to get involved in as many different ways as time will allow. Aside from participating in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure event (although, for me, it will be more like a “walk” for the cure), I will, once again, be joining Nordstrom in their efforts to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation with their annual Nordstrom Fits America event, BRAvo.

I wrote about this event last year hoping it would be a small call to action to ladies who may not have the time to run a race or do a marathon but still want to help somehow. I hope to do the same this year and encourage you to make an appointment to get fitted and help Nordstrom donate, as they do every year, to the search for the cure to breast cancer.

With every bra purchase, Nordstrom and participating brands (below) will donate $2 to work towards a world without breast cancer. To learn more about how you can get involved, visit

TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT: Please call Dadeland Mall, Lingerie on two, 786.709.4100, ext. 1240

Also, for more information, including the Nordstrom Prosthesis Program, proper bra fit, or to make an appointment online, CLICK HERE. The Nordstrom Fits America event runs from Thursday, October 20 through Saturday, October 22, 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

BRAvo by Nordstrom