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IFB Con, September ’12

This post is admittedly long overdue, but the event was certainly not forgettable by any means. Having attended my first IFB Con back in February, I was eager to return and see some familiar faces. Being in a room with some of the best-dressed bloggers from all around (there were some ladies from Australia and Germany representing the international scene) was inspiring and made me want to immediately overhaul my closet. There was an incredible collection of shoes — you can see a couple of my favorites in neon and metallic on Corrie and Jenn, and a stunning pair of Pradas on Krystal Bick — and a Nine West Shoe Confessions booth to atone for the addiction.

I snapped some shots of my favorite moments to share with you, like Coco Rocha’s interview with Derek Blaserg, whose quotable phrase, “I knew I wanted to live among the magazines,” immediately resonated with me.

Corrie, Metitia, and Jenn: It was wonderful meeting you! Candace, SO lovely to see you again! Maria Carolina, I’m so sorry you missed it but hope to catch you again soon! xx


Lucky FABB

Jean Godfrey, Lucky Magazine, Lucky FABB, Lauren Conrad

You know how most little girls dreamed about their wedding day and played dress-up as they walked down a make-believe aisle? Well, I’m not even joking when I say I used to play editor and sketched fashion while working in my make-believe New York City office (I really wasn’t much of an outdoor kid). As soon as my mother would allow, I subscribed to every glossy I could get my hands on and dreamed of one day having the chance to work with these amazing magazine people in any sort of capacity.

And while an editorship remains for me the job I’ll always covet, walking into Lucky FABB was every bit of a realization of that amazing feeling that accompanied every childish daydream. The memory still overwhelms me a bit because it was hard to believe that I was in such incredible company. Alicia Lund from Cheetah is the New Black, Ginger Harris from Electric Blogarella, Maria Tettamanti from The Wordy Girl, and Erin Hiemstra from Apartment 34 (to name a handful) were all in attendance — and those were just my fellow peers.

The panels were comprised of incredibly inspiring individuals who were happy to sit and chat with us for a while about whatever we were curious enough to ask. Terry Lundgren, CEO of Macy’s, talked about Nicole Richie’s collaboration with the retailer, Rachel Zoe announced another season for her show and showed off a glittery new jewelry line, Leandra Medine of Man Repeller talked about dealing with negative comments, Lauren Bush inspired us as she shared her struggle with starting FEED and how far it has come in just five years, Lauren Conrad looked like a perfect little doll in a very polished Paper Crown dress and Mary Jane’s from her new collection at Khol’s as she dished about wanting to leave behind her Laguna Beach past, and Anna Sui sat with Simon Doonan and was just her incredibly cool self as she talked about what inspires her to create her wildly successful collections, season after season (world travel and good music like Jack White’s new album, in case you were wondering).

My head’s still reeling from all the excitement – and all the goodies I’ve yet to unpack – so forgive me if I’ve rambled on. But it’s not every day you get a little taste of exactly what you want to do and who you hope to become. And so, syrupy as it may sound, if you’ve been reading along, thanks for helping me get just that much closer to that dream job. I hope to someday repay you in copious amounts of freebies.

Brandon Holley, Terry Lundgren, Macy's CEO, Lucky FABB New York City

Annie Georgia Greenberg, Leandra Medine, Man Repeller, Lucky FABBLauren Bush, FEED, Lucky FABB

DKNY PR Girl Aliza Licht, Erica Domesek P.S. I Made This

Rachel Zoe, Lucky FABB

Simon Doonan interviews Anna Sui at Lucky FABB

Lauren Conrad at Lucky FABB

P.S. Thanks so much to my partners in crime for helping me land these front-row center seats. Corrie of Brooklyn Bliss and Yanil of The New Yorker Style: You ladies rock. xx

El Main Evento

I’m sure you all had very exciting plans for this evening but if they didn’t involve being ringside watching a few rounds of Mexican wrestling with a taco in hand, I feel compelled to inform you that you’ve missed out. On what, I’m not quite certain. But there’s something to be said for men (and one helluva badass chick) in metallic spandex flying through the air in the name of honor – and a big shiny belt.

We headed down to the food truck rally with our favorite Mexican in tow (see below in all his pony-tailed glory) and celebrated Mexican Independence Day at El Main Evento, complete with Mariachis and Mexican wrestlers. This was my first time witnessing such a spectacle, so I truly went just for the food (GastroPod’s short rib sliders and Taco Heat’s nachos made me shamelessly lick my fingers).

But it wasn’t long before I was hollering with the rest of them, marveling at the flying masks as they tumbled and rolled off each other with the kind of grace that, to the untrained eye, would likely seem to border on homo-eroticism. But I digress. It was a damn good show — one that made me a fan as soon as female wrestler Angel Rose strode in that ring with a flower in her hair and body-slamming victory in her heart. You can’t help but cheer on a girl who can dominate her opposition in a perfectly styled ensemble.

If you missed El Main Evento, you can still catch the food trucks every third Saturday at the Magic City Casino or click here for a daily schedule.

Glossy Box vs. Birchbox

After a recent inquiry as to whether I should sign up for Glossy Box or Birchbox, I actually had the chance to compare them side by side after receiving them as a gift at Lucky FABB. Here are pics of what I was given so you can see for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Personally, I’m still not sure if it’s necessarily worth the monthly expense but if you have a subscription to either one (or any beauty box, for that matter), I’d love to hear what you think.

Left: Glossy Box. Right: Birchbox

Here’s a list of the exact contents in each box:

Glossy Box ($21/Month):

  • Figs & Rouge: Lip, Face & Body Balm (0.26 oz)
  • Senna Cosmetics: Mineral Eye Shadow Trio (0.14 oz)
  • Illamasqua: Sheer Lipgloss (0.2 oz)
  • Vegebom: Skin Repair Balm (3.52 oz)
  • Episteme: Moisturizing Cleansing Cream (4.23 oz)
  • Tony & Guy: Sea Salt Texturising Spray (2.5 oz)

Birchbox ($10/Month):

  • Bvlgari: Mon Jasmin Noir 
  • Color Club: Custom Polish
  • Dr. Jart+: Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25+
  • Sedu: Anti-Frizz Polishing Treatment with Pure Argan Oil
  • Tili: Plastic Bag
  • Twistband: Hair Tie

Back from New York

And so I am back from New York, feeling a bit more run down than I’d anticipated, though I suspect it has less to do with the perpetual adrenaline buzz that comes with attending consecutive fashion events and more to do with my father’s relentless passion for overly-saturated tourist attractions. The old man is not quite so old at a young 57 and most literally (and to my embarrassment) strode circles around me in his sensible walking shoes (props to ya, Pops).

This trip was half business, half pleasure, and all sweaty aggravation at the tourist groups taking up 75% of the sidewalks in Manhattan with their matching t-shirts and collective disdain for deodorant. But it’s a small price to pay, and one I’d pay again willingly, to spend time with the ones you love — and bring home pounds of beauty swag from the fashion events. Let’s not forget those.

As I recover, I’ll be working on editing images from IFB Con and Lucky FABB, and the rest of my week in New York. For now, here are a couple of teasers. (I’m still in awe of having been in the presence of the incredible Anna Sui). Enjoy.