Monthly Archives: August 2013

Outfit Post: The Average Girl

Miami Fashion Blogger Outfit Post: Bubbles & Ink, Gold Hamsa Hand Necklace, Rivka Friedman, Topshop Nude Boyfriend Blazer

This is my first outfit post. Considering that I’m a “fashion blogger,” it’s almost laughable that it’s taken me three years to put myself in front of the camera. Most girls jump into this right away, with zero hesitation or hang-ups. And to them, I say, “Well done!” But I’m not like those girls.

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Back to School Wish List

Grown-up Back-to-School Wishlist Items for the workplace.

Now that the kids are back in school and you’ve braved the masses at every Target, Walgreens, and Office Depot, it’s time to do a little back-to-school shopping for yourself. I realize I’ve been out of school for years now and my daughter is still way too young for school supplies but the stationery junkie in me can’t help but lust after new desktop items. So here’s my wishlist with a few fun finds that should brighten your work area. Add a little wine in that mug, and mommy’s got herself a winning work station!

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Sisley Eye Cream Sample at Saks

Sisley Supremya Yeux Le Gran Soin Anti-Age/At Night The Supreme Anti-Aging Eye Serum

Though I’m incredibly grateful and happy to report that Lucy has been sleeping through the night for the past few weeks, I can still certainly empathize with all moms on the fact that caring for a baby is pretty exhausting full-time work. The kind of work that still requires naps and really great eye cream to help with the inevitable circles and baggage that have taken up residence on my face. Thankfully, the good people at Saks Fifth Avenue allowed me to sample the new Sisley Supremya La Nuit Eye Serum for the past couple of weeks. And I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty impressed.

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