Frenchy & Damien’s Wedding: Special Projects

Along with the beginning of June and another sweltering Miami summer comes the official countdown to the wedding of Francesca & Damien, two of my favorite people and dearest friends. I’m at the bride’s beck and call this week, and it feels great to be back on a busy schedule. Having been a bride not too long ago (we just passed the 6 month mark), it’s been a nice change of pace to serve as a bridesmaid and take on a few of the creative projects ranging from conceptualizing bridal shower invitations* and favors, assembling and addressing wedding invitations, and just today, getting a good start on the board for the place settings. This wedding is full of innovative concepts, which isn’t surprising given the bride is an experienced wedding planner and is working with one of the best in the biz, Bruce Barbaree of Biltmore Event Design (BED). I’ve included some pics** of our progress below and will be posting more as the week progresses. Four days to go. Enjoy! 

Bridal Shower Invitation Recipe Card & Invitation Bridal Shower Cupcake Favor

Wedding Invitation Envelope - Calligraphy Wedding Invitation Place Settings Chalkboard Place Settings Chalkboard - First Column

*Many thanks to my hubby, Tony Espinoza, for his design expertise.

**Apologies for some of the rough images from my phone.



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