Rebi’s Closet

Few things have the power to set a girl straight quite like a glass of wine with friends or a little retail therapy. Having experienced the former quite recently (read: 45 minutes ago), I can attest to this wholeheartedly. A few weeks ago, however, my friend Rebecca hosted what is quite possibly the most addicting happy hour I’ve experienced in my life – she’s managed to combine every girl’s favorite stress busters and turn them into an exclusive boutique shopping phenomenon. Quite frankly, I’m surprised no one thought to mix these two before.

Rebi’s Closet is the brain child of my dear friend Rebecca Varona, young entrepreneur and intuitive fashionista. The Miami native has begun what I hope will be a longstanding trend of boutique shopping wine parties that she customizes and delivers to your doorstep. My favorite thing is that I walked out the door with a heaping bag of goodies for less than $120.

I’ve decided to share the fun and host a shopping party of my own on December 10th. If you feel the urge to host your own little heavenly happy hour (and, honestly, why wouldn’t you? There’s even a hostess gift!), email Rebecca at If you need some quality “Me time” or a last-minute party-ready outfit, she will also meet you for a private appointment if you call her at 786-873-8788. You’re welcome.



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