Gypsy Warrior: Boho Chic with an Edge

Silver Studded Black iPhone Case via GypsyWarrior.comIt’s good to be home. Argentina was warm, beautiful, delicious, and half a world away. I stumbled upon some great little shops and restaurants that felt like something out of a developing romantic comedy abroad. But there really is no place like home, where ordering a burger medium-rare won’t get you weird looks from the waiter at a sidewalk cafe.

I actually happened to stumble upon this little American gem on Instagram while craving some US culture in Buenos Aires (Yes, I admit it – I missed home). Gypsy Warrior (@gypsywarrior on Instagram) had posted a pic of the studded iPhone case to the left and I knew I needed to immediately give my phone some street cred.

The new shop, a collaboration of founders Nicla DiCosmo and Michel Bezoza, is an unlikely balance of boho chic and rocker edge – and it all somehow works. Aside from some instantly covet-able items like their skull cardigan or  these black studded ballet flats (both currently on my wish list), Gypsy Warrior also offers up a vintage section of not-so-ironically-inclined pieces (I need a bunny faux fur jacket in my life).

These lovely ladies are currently offering free shipping in the US and 15% off with code PARTY12 so snatch up some goodies before they’re gone (and maybe grab something for a blogger on a tiny budget?). You can also follow Gypsy Warrior on Facebook and keep up with their latest finds. Happy shopping!



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