BaubleBar Happy Hour

Winter skipped right over us in Miami. I can’t say I’m surprised. Just a little disappointed that my “winter” wardrobe didn’t really see much action except for those 3 days I spent in NYC in early February.  But that’s why I have accessories to turn to in the coming loooong summer months. It’s the only thing we really get to do well in this little city sauna we call home. Hence my new (and very quickly becoming serious) relationship (read: obsession) with BaubleBar.

For today’s Happy Hour, if you haven’t already heard of BaubleBar, you should probably become acquainted quickly. No, really. They’re basically just like that crazy dream accessories closet you see in movies about girls who don’t know they’re royalty but suddenly inherit a ridiculous amount of jewelry in every imaginable style to wear around their new palace while lounging on a silk chais being courted by the new prince she swears she’s only marginally interested in. The difference is that you can actually afford to bedeck yourself in their finest pieces without having to come across some sort of secret inheritance – a modern fairy tale to warm your heart.

Here are a few of my favorites – some of which I’ve been eyeing as a birthday treat… Hint!



In this post:

1) BaubleBar Acrylic Monogram – Extra Large

2) BaubleBar Pollock Cuff

3) BaubleBar Casati Cuff

4) BaubleBar Twitter-plate

5) BaubleBar Acrylic Monogram – Medium



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