iPhone Love: Hot Cases

When I’m not blogging, I’m working on events (also commonly referred to as running around like a mad woman until your feet are numb, your back is in fragments, and your head keeps wondering whether you’re truly THE quintessential career masochist.). And as many of you who run around for a living already know, your phone is your lifeline. It makes every single thing happen. I know there are many phone options out there, but I favor the iPhone and, as such, would like to dearly thank my faithful companion for keeping me connected to colleagues, staff, loved ones, and Pinterest through countless setups, room turns, breakouts, breakdowns, and invigoratingly strenuous 16 hour work days. I promise to show a little love in return with some of these sexy little things. XOXO. – A




In this post:

1) Kate Spade New York iPhone Case – Chit Chat

2) MARC BY MARC JACOBS iPhone Case – 4G Miss Marc

3) The Montana Studded iPhone Cover – designed by Jagger Edge

4) MARC BY MARC JACOBS iPhone Case – 4G What A Spectacle

5) Kate Spade New York iPhone Case – Le Pavillion

6) Diane von Furstenberg Love Is Life iPhone Case



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