Suit Up for Happy Hour

The weather in Scottsdale has been nothing short of perfect: crisp, sunny, breezy and not a drop of humidity in sight. But as Miami teeters dangerously close to Summer even in the very beginnings of Spring, a girl has to set aside fantasies of cooler days and just suit up.

In today’s Happy Hour, I give you a few suits to splurge on this payday – swimsuits that will have you begging for those scorching Summer days on the beach. Or at least a really great lounge chair to wear them on while channeling your inner Bettie Page.




In this post:

1) Sensations Collared Bikini 

2) Scalloped Halterneck Bikini

3) Dolly Gingham Maillot

4) Old Navy Women’s Striped Keyhole Swimsuit

5) Cannes Maillot

6) Sweetheart Patchwork Maillot



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