Style Week Resort in Miami

I wish I was cool enough to deliver this post to you without having to admit to the perpetual sense of excitement I’ve been feeling since Friday. But the truth is that half the time I was in awe of the fact that I was seated directly behind Project Accessory designers Nina Cortes and Brian Burkhardt (my two favorites), and the other half of the time was spent wondering how I’d managed to get my name on the guest list for what I have affectionately dubbed as Project Runway heaven.

I’m embarrassed to admit I was a little starstruck. But it’s not very often that Miami gets to experience a CFDA-approved fashion week aimed at launching the careers of emerging (and seriously talented) designers — though we seem to have had our healthy share of events as of late. And though I’m always quite vocal about my often-confounded feelings about this city, there is a sense of pride for my hometown in knowing we not only hosted Style Week Resort but did it with ease and delivered what now seems like the obviously natural fit for this event.

Project Runway alumns Jonathan Joseph Peters and Janeane Marie delivered clean, chic, and quite wearable pieces, JJP with beautifully colored lace and JM with sleek, geometric style. Alessandra Gold offered up deliciously urban flair with a small crew ceremoniously break-dancing their way through the closing.

I’m still relishing in the buzz of fresh fashion and the possibility of such caliber events finding a permanent home in our backyard. But you can make up your own mind: Check out the styles for yourself by heading over to’s recap page. Let me know what you think in the comments.



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