El Main Evento

I’m sure you all had very exciting plans for this evening but if they didn’t involve being ringside watching a few rounds of Mexican wrestling with a taco in hand, I feel compelled to inform you that you’ve missed out. On what, I’m not quite certain. But there’s something to be said for men (and one helluva badass chick) in metallic spandex flying through the air in the name of honor – and a big shiny belt.

We headed down to the food truck rally with our favorite Mexican in tow (see below in all his pony-tailed glory) and celebrated Mexican Independence Day at El Main Evento, complete with Mariachis and Mexican wrestlers. This was my first time witnessing such a spectacle, so I truly went just for the food (GastroPod’s short rib sliders and Taco Heat’s nachos made me shamelessly lick my fingers).

But it wasn’t long before I was hollering with the rest of them, marveling at the flying masks as they tumbled and rolled off each other with the kind of grace that, to the untrained eye, would likely seem to border on homo-eroticism. But I digress. It was a damn good show — one that made me a fan as soon as female wrestler Angel Rose strode in that ring with a flower in her hair and body-slamming victory in her heart. You can’t help but cheer on a girl who can dominate her opposition in a perfectly styled ensemble.

If you missed El Main Evento, you can still catch the food trucks every third Saturday at the Magic City Casino or click here for a daily schedule.



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