Wanderlust: New York City


It’s a funny thing, parenthood. It’s Saturday, we’ve got a babysitter for 24 hours, and the best and most exciting use I can find for my time is catching up on work and running errands. And this makes me perfectly happy. I was tinkering around on my site, making updates, when I came across this draft of images from my last trip to Manhattan in September 2012. It was fashion week, I was attending some very trendy events, and, newly pregnant, decided it was a good idea to fit into an obscenely tight pair of red skinny jeans. I regretted it almost immediately when, two hours later, I realized I’d forgotten to factor in my newly growing belly’s need for space when sitting. Thankfully, Lucy is now out and safely on the other side of the bump with no zipper marks to speak of.

My husband and I were still figuring out how to use our new Canon 60D, so these are a few shots we snapped while walking around a very unpleasantly steamy New York City. Notice my unabashed love of street food as I shove what was briefly a ‘krout-covered dog into my mouth. I later walked over to a nearby deli and polished off a bowl of sour pickles. And then asked for more. Truly, it was a sweet time now that I look back on it. Hope you enjoy the quick look back – my favorite memory is still the NBC studio tour. Can you tell I was raised by television?

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