Betsey Johnson Swim 2014


I think one of my fondest memories as a young fashionista dates back to me at about the age of ten. My uncle’s wife, an aspiring singer, used to go to Betsey’s shop in Coconut Grove pretty often and I’d tag along for entertainment. After visiting Betsey’s shop a few times and scoping out her very colorful collection, I scraped my allowance together over a few weeks and treated myself to a head-to-toe outfit from the clearance bin, complete with matching full-length gloves. It was my very first designer purchase. I’d kill to find those pieces again. Or even to just dig up the picture my grandfather insisted on taking when I got home with my heaping bag of Betsey loot.

When I heard she was coming to Miami to debut her new Swim 2014 collection, I practically cartwheeled in my living room. I know Betsey would approve. Here are some shots of the preview party at the Betsey Hotel in South Beach, with a few pictures of my absolute favorite new swimsuits. I’m seriously lusting after that black one-piece. Can’t wait to snag one for myself! The collection will be available in stores and online October 2013.


See recaps for Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 for more MBFW Swim pictures.

Thanks so much to Factory PR for the use of these beautiful images.



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