MBFW Swim: Day 2

MBFW Swim: Day 2 on Bubbles & Ink

I wish I could tell you I was in better shape, but the truth is that fashion week is not for the fragile. Perhaps I underestimated the stamina and preparation it requires to survive five days of shows, but I’d liken it to the kind of focus one dedicates to training for a marathon (not that I’ve ever done that). Day two of Swim Week left me aching and blistered – quite literally, unfortunately, due to my stubborn insistence on wearing some sparkly little Guess wedges that felt reasonably comfortable in my living room but not as forgiving on the pool deck of the SLS hotel after three shows and five hours of standing-room-only accommodations. Still, my worship of this industry is propelling me forward. And so it shall be that I continue on…in flats.

Check out some pics from last night’s events with Poko Pano and Suboo Swim being at the top of my list for the day. 

MBFW Swim 2014 | The Raleigh HotelMBFW Swim 2014Miami Fashion Bloggers Ginger Harris and Annie Vasquez Front Row at Poko PanoPoko Pano at MBFW Swim 2014Poko Pano at MBFW Swim 2014Poko Pano at MBFW Swim 2014Esther Williams | MBFW Swim 2014Bubbles & Ink at the Cosmo Summer Splash PartyRakkasan Chef Shawn Eric Fralin at Cosmo Summer SplashNeckwear Designer & Stylist Steven T. SmithSuboo at MBFW Swim 2014Suboo at MBFW Swim 2014Suboo at MBFW Swim 2014

See the recaps for Day 1 and Day 3 for more event pictures.

All photos taken by Tony Espinoza for Bubbles & Ink.



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