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I’ve got a lot of love for my iPhone. Not because I feel it’s the best smart phone technology available (though it does the job for me just fine). It’s really more of a connection thing. I’m rarely seen without my phone, whether I’m working on an event or home taking care of Lucy (how else am I going to get all those embarrassing pics to blackmail her with in her teen years?). With the new iPhone 5c and 5s now temping iPhone users everywhere with an imminent upgrade, I figured I’d give my phone case an upgrade as well. Check out my favorites and where to shop after the jump.

Top Left: For all the preppy ladies: Dainty, purse-like BCBG case with chain strap, Michael Kors modern print case, and a neon leather Tory Burch case, currently on sale for $45.

Top Right: For when you’re channeling your inner badass: Marc by Marc Jacobs knuckle duster case and Jagger Edge tassel case.

Bottom Left: The classic, work-appropriate leather wristlet by Michael Kors that will carry you from boardroom to happy hour, with slots for cash, credit cards, and I.D.

Bottom Right: If you still feel like you need to add a little more shimmer to your iPhone, pick up one of these rhinestone dust plugs. They’re kinda like jewelry for your technology but affordable enough at under $2.00 a piece to get a color to match every case and outfit. They’ll fit your iPad, too.



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