A Shopper’s Vow

A Shopper's Vow | Bubbles & Ink

A shopper’s vow: Because life is too short for Buyer’s Remorse. (And because I’m running out of closet space.) Here are ten bad shopping habits we should all seriously consider breaking.

  1. I vow to not buy something just because someone on the other side of the country in a completely opposite climate is wearing it well on Instagram. I’ve invested in entirely too many sweaters for a girl who lives in Miami.
  2. I vow to not buy incredibly beautiful but impossibly unwearable shoes. I’ve got a shrine in my closet dedicated to these and it’s really just a sad shelf of coulda-woulda-didn’t.
  3. I vow to not buy clothing that I have not first tried on. Everything looks cute on the model online. But she’s also a perfect sample size and I am…just not.
  4. I vow to not buy something I cannot currently fit into. Maybe I’ll lose those last ten pounds. Maybe I won’t. But there’s no need to be taunted by the clothing in my closet regardless of the outcome. (Thank you, Tim Gunn.)
  5. I vow to not buy classics at retailers of disposable fashion. There are some great items to be found at places like Forever 21. But the classic blouse that you’ll wear for years to come isn’t one of them.
  6. I vow to not invest in pieces that are only a flitting trend. Yes, that harem pant was definitely a statement a few seasons ago, but where is it now? Hanging in the middle (wall-blocked) part of my closet where clothes go to die.
  7. I vow to not buy yet another statement necklace/bracelet/piece-of-current-jewelry-trend until I’ve actually worn the other twelve I currently own. Accessories easily pile up because they’re small and often less expensive than a new outfit. But that doesn’t mean it’s OK to hoard rhinestone encrusted plastic. (This will be the toughest one for me.)
  8. I vow to use a tailor when necessary rather than just wearing clothes that “sort of” fit. I’m simply getting too old for that “thrown together” look. It was cute in college. It’s just careless in adult life.
  9. I vow to refrain from going Target-collaboration-crazy. Just because Jason Wu/Missoni/Insert-favorite-designer-here made a collection at ridiculously affordable prices, does not mean I need to own every. single. item. (Major exception: Anything by Gwen and L.A.M.B.) Also, stocking up for the sake of eBay extortion is just a gross crime against fashion morality.
  10. I vow to only buy things that make me feel great. Even if everyone else thinks it looks great, I will not be swayed to shell out a dime unless feel it’s perfect for me. Life is too short to wear anything less.



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