Brow Therapy at Christie Pea’s


My visit to Christie Pea’s couldn’t have come at a better time, considering I was in serious need of brow therapy and a little me-time following two straight weeks of work/motherhood/work/work and work. I’m not complaining but rather just insisting that a glass of wine now and then (more now than then) while having your nails buffed is not just nice – it’s necessary for mental sanity. Which is why Christie Pea’s royal treatment (the Duchess, to be precise) and Lucy R.’s brow repair were exactly what I needed that afternoon.


My brow woes have been a long time coming so I was eager to see Lucy, the brow expert I happened to find thanks to my Instagram obsession. Thankfully, she was able to fit me in soon, and suggested I try a mani/pedi while I was there. Walking in, I was pleasantly surprised not to find just a basic functional area for beauty treatments (which would’ve been just fine with me), but rather the quintessential girly oasis complete with a clothing & accessories boutique, a row of comfy couches with adorable toss pillows, an assortment of delicious scrubs to add to your pedicure, and a big TV playing Sex & the City episode at just the right angle across from my nail station. When I was offered a very ladylike glass of sparkling wine, I knew I’d found a worthy retreat.


After a great mani/pedi (which, by the way, is still intact one week later), Lucy shaped my brows, assured me they’d grow back in and taught me how to shape and shade them in myself while that process takes place. Here’s a “before and after” of my current situation. I’m pretty excited to get them back into their proper shape but at least now I know how to fake it until that happens. To try it out for yourself, check out my step-by-step tutorial on proper brow shaping and shading, featuring everything I learned from Lucy R. Also, in case you’re wondering, Lucy shared her favorite e.l.f. lip color with me, which is a perfect dupe of MAC’s Ruby Woo (but for way less $$) – it’s called Rich Red and you can get it here. 

Brow-Before | Christie Pea & Lucy R. Brow-After | Christie Pea & Lucy R.

I should also mention all these services were rendered in under two hours without ever being rushed, which is a decent feat coming from an experienced salon addict. If you’re in the South Miami/Kendall area check out Christie Pea’s services for yourself (the Pampering Mani/Pedi gets you in and out in 40 minutes) or consider booking a spa party with snacks, refreshments, and even take-away gift options. Christie Pea’s is located at 10037 SW 72nd Street. Call 305.271.2728 to make an appointment. To book an appointment with Lucy, contact

Thanks so much to Lucy and Christe Pea for the fantastic pampering experience. 



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