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I knew early on that some people had it way easier than I did in the proverbial styling department. As soon as I was old enough to play with my mother’s hair and makeup tools, I began daydreaming of better-tressed days. By the age of twelve, I was begging for relaxers. Following several years of experimentation with chi’s, blow outs, relaxers, and keratin treatments, Cezanne’s offer to try their new smoothing product was a welcome invitation. Five days and two washes later, I am declaring this the good hair gene my parents weren’t able to give me in utero. I forgive you, Mom.

You can imagine my skepticism at a product that claimed to be safe on color, completely customizable, and immediately washable – all without the need for surgical safety masks. But I’ve always maintained hope for a better way so I booked my appointment at Danny Jelaca’s salon and went for it. I’m thrilled to report it’s been everything they claimed it would be.

Here’s how it works:

  • Cezanne Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment (CPF) delivers similar results to traditional keratin treatments but without the dangerous chemicals because it’s formaldehyde-free. It will remove frizz and make hair more manageable.
  • Because it’s customizable, my stylist, Meredith, begins with a consultation to see whether I’d like more of a voluminous or sleek finish. I opt for something in between.
  • Starting with a quick wash, the product is applied with a brush and I notice there is no mask or fan to protect against toxic fumes because there are none.
  • Once the product is applied, I sit under a heat lamp for 30 minutes and catch up on some celebrity gossip current events.
  • When the 30 minutes are up, Meredith gives my hair a quick rinse, leaving in some of the product.
  • After a light blow dry (fingers only at this point), a flat iron is used to activate and seal in the product.
  • Then – and this REALLY freaked me out – Meredith washed my hair immediately. She promised it would be OK.
  • And it was more than OK. After having my hair shampooed and lightly conditioned, Meredith styled my hair without any volumizing product and achieved what I feel is a really nice balance between healthy, sleek, and bouncy hair. (Pics below)
  • Note: If you have curly or wavy hair and want to only smooth it, this is the product for you because it will not straighten your hair. It will simply remove frizz and make it a breeze to style without the need for much effort. Considering I was hoping to be able to pull off a longer, more casual wavy look for summer (and that I have very fine hair), this is exactly what I needed in the midst of Miami’s constant heat and humidity.

How to maintain it:

  • Use sulfate-free shampoo, just as you would with any keratin treatment. Cezanne has their own line of products to use for proper maintenance as well.
  • The less often you wash it, the longer it will last.
  • If you wash sparingly and use the proper shampoo, this treatment should last you over three months.
  • Note: It’s actually OK to color your hair after receiving this treatment. I had mine colored about three weeks prior to having this done and my color actually brightened up a bit, which was a nice bonus.

Thanks so much to Meredith, Danny Jelaca Salon, and Cezanne Hair for a really lovely experience. My hair is still feeling healthy and smooth. To schedule an appointment with an expert at Danny Jelaca Salon in Miami Beach, call 305.604.9696. This treatment will be available nationwide in Spring 2014. 

Danny Jelaca Salon Miami Beach | Bubbles & Ink BlogCezanne Hair Treatment | Bubbles & Ink BlogCezanne Hair Treatment | Bubbles & Ink BlogCezanne Hair Treatment | Bubbles & Ink BlogCezanne Hair Treatment | Bubbles & Ink BlogCezanne Hair Treatment | Bubbles & Ink BlogCezanne Hair Treatment | Bubbles & Ink BlogBefore - Cezanne HairCezanne Hair Treatment | Bubbles & Ink Blog



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