Kid in the City: Lucy’s Favorite Miami Spots

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There are certain times of year when I wish for seasonal changes and colorful leaves on the ground. But enjoying a day of Miami’s crisp yet sunny fall weather this weekend easily made me forget that. In search of outdoor entertainment for Lucy, who is now a vocal and vibrant 19-month-old, led us to some of Miami’s most scenic spots.

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Lucy is the kind of kid who pops up like a Jack-in-the-Box the minute her eyes open first thing in the morning. So our weekends are often filled with breakfasts that are quickly followed  by a day’s worth of nonstop activities. With a chance to sport her new Gymboree duds, we headed for the highway, wardrobe changes in tow, and took advantage of what Miami does best in the fall: cool breezes, sunny blue skies, and gorgeous water-front spots.

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Our first stop was the Miami Children’s Museum (just across the road from Jungle Island), where Lucy was more amused by the outdoor playground than any of the elaborate attractions she could’ve climbed indoors. She opted for the slide, a wobbly bridge, and a little white doggy ride called “Baby Doll.” A little less than an hour later, we decided to head for Museum Park, next door to the PAMM.


As we pulled up to Museum Park, we discovered that the tiny parking lot nestled between the AAA and the PAMM provides access to a lovely park area right by the water, with plenty of space to run around in. Following the long, narrow pathway leads directly to the Museum’s outdoor dining area, a great little spot for snacks and free monthly activities for families every second Saturday of the month. Lucy was already fast asleep in her car seat by the time we made it to this location (40 minutes of nonstop jumping will do that to a kid), so shooting anything here was definitely out of the question (never wake the sleeping baby!), but a look around the area makes this one of the spots we hope to come back to soon.

Feeling renewed after a long nap, Lucy took a quick ride on her pony at home, pushed him around for a bit, and then decided she was ready for something else.

Lucy-Gymboree-Pony- Miami- Bubbles & Ink BlogLucy-Gymboree-Pony-MiamiLucy-Gymboree-Pony-Miami-Bubbles & Ink Blog

One last stop at Snapper Creek Park, near  home, did the trick. This is one of her favorite places, complete with swings, full playground area, and a winding path with benches along the way.


Since we’re pretty much new to the parenting thing (and pretty much the whole “entertaining the toddler” thing, we’re open to any suggestions on places around Miami that are kid-friendly (and preferably free). But here are some spots we think we’ll head out to soon: Zoo Miami, Bark Park at Tropical Park, and Jungle IslandIf you have suggestions or ideas, I’d really love to hear them! Lucy’s 19 months old now, so any and all entertainment is appreciated and quite necessary. 🙂


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This post was kindly sponsored  by Gymboree but all opinions and experiences are 100% mine and honest. All outfits in this post are from Gymboree, except for Lucy’s own shoes. Many thanks to Gymboree for the beautiful clothes. Lucy loves her wardrobe upgrade!

All images by Tony Espinoza Photography.



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