Review: Fit Pea DVD

Fit Pea DVD Review

Someone finally figured out what to do with all that electric toddler energy. Let me introduce you to Fit Pea.

If I’m honest, my first run with the Fit Pea DVD Workout left me a little worried. The scenario played out like this: Lucy and I positioned ourselves in front of the TV. I popped in the DVD and eagerly awaited the series of short clips that promised to keep my toddler busy, active, and healthy. The DVD played and I did a whole lot of overzealous arm waving and foot stomping. Lucy watched. I continued to flail my arms and stomp my legs in unison with the choreography. Lucy continued to watch. (In hindsight, perhaps this is exactly what was wrong with my approach, but leave it to the first-time Cuban mom to go just a little overboard with everything.) After a series of similar attempts with Lucy curiously staring at me, then at the screen, then back at me, I shrugged, cut my losses and took her to the park.

We did our rounds at the park, fed the ducks, strolled by the lake, and made our way back home, all the while leaving me wondering if I’d perhaps overdone it with the enthusiastic mom routine. But then we made it back into our living room and lo and behold, Lucy made a beeline for the coffee table, picked up the Fit Pea DVD cover in her little hands, gave it a kiss (as she does when she’s claiming a favorite new toy) and handed it to me to request an encore. I wish I could tell you it ended with an excited second run, but that replay led to a consecutive six-time feature of twirling, jumping and dancing – this time, just Lucy.

WHAT IT IS: Started by two health and exercise pros, Fit Pea aims to teach kids to exercise their minds, bodies and creativity. Their  DVD is packed with short but energetic video clips of choreographed bits to get children excited about exercising.

WHAT YOU GET: A series of 10 “kid favorite” exercises from the Fit Pea program taught by “Hip” and “Flip” with music, colorful settings, and songs they will learn quickly. The program is aimed at kids ages 2 and up.

WHY IT’S GREAT: The routines are simple, the songs talk your child through the moves, and you can choose to play them all (total of 11 minutes), or simply play individual clips if you’re short on time.

THE DOWNSIDE: You will have to learn to live with the melody of the songs in your head for days. Seriously, I was humming it in the shower earlier today. But that’s a small price to pay for teaching your kids to be fit and healthy. Not to mention burning off some of that toddler energy. That’s just priceless.

Fit Pea DVD ReviewFit-Pea-DVD-ReviewFit Pea DVD Review

To learn more about Fit Pea or to order your own copy, check out their website and follow them on Facebook. And to get a feel for Fit Pea and what they’re all about, watch this video:



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