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I never thought I’d see the day when I’d want to walk away from this. I started this blog when I had absolutely nothing else to spend my creative efforts on. This silly little blog is the one thing that started me on the path to figuring out what the hell I wanted to devote my time to. This blog helped me figure out who I was, and who I so desperately wanted to be. And  here I am, five years later, not necessarily boasting one hundred percent clarity, but certainly enjoying a much better view ahead.

When I started writing Bubbles & Ink, it was admittedly nothing more than a mix of boredom, free therapy, and curiosity. But I stuck with it (sometimes more frequently than others) and it finally led me here: I know I need to write for a living, I know I need to do something creative, and I also know this blog has run its course.

But I’m feeling so incredibly grateful because for a few years, people actually read my stuff and came to this site for entertainment (or for whatever reason – maybe just the Peruvian food recipes I borrowed from my husband!). The point is, this blog helped me grow. And it’s ushered me along to a place where I’m finally a paid writer, blogger, and all-around gainfully-employed creative. And nothing feels better than finding what you’re meant to do.

But it’s time to walk away, take a break, and explore what else there is. Like the short stories I always dreamed of writing and may only ever take up residence in my laptop, but have been leaking out of me lately anyway. Or the horror bits I’ve been blessed/cursed with but feel there’s some sort of attached responsibility to share (why else would a girl be endowed with so many creepily detailed nightmares??). Whatever it is, thanks to this blog, I’m excited to now go and find it.

If you ever read any of my posts, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for letting me share some time and ideas with you. And thank you for every comment and word of encouragement. When you work alone, it means so much. I’ll be leaving up the site because I don’t think I could stand the thought of tearing down years of work, milestones, and realizations. And maybe I’ll update it now and then. But, for now, I’ll leave it here and hope someone finds it useful if they ever come across it.

In the meantime, I’ll be working on whatever’s next and hoping to share it with the world at some point. If not, then thanks for letting this be what it was. Thanks for reading Bubbles & Ink and making it the awesome experience it turned out to be. I’m looking forward to what’s next…until then, you can find me at or on Instagram as @alicia.palma.


Alicia | @alicia.palma

UPDATE: 9/6/15 – I decided to give Medium a try, so if you want to keep up with my stories, check out my profile.



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