Magique at Faena Hotel Miami Beach: A Very Sexy Night Out

Magique at Faena Miami Beach
The Magique Dancers at Faena Hotel Miami Beach // Courtesy photo

First things first, it’s been a very long time since my husband and I went out to do anything that falls under the category of sexy/fun/sophisticated and/or exciting. I wish I were joking or exaggerating the truth for the sake of good commentary, but the fact is that we are going on eight years of marriage and the past four of those have been spent parenting a very independent child. So it is without any reservation that I can admit to you, my dear readers, that when the invitation to a sexy magic show at Faena Hotel Miami Beach showed up in my inbox, I was not only confused (really – I checked to make sure they meant me), but nearly leapt through the screen to RSVP and secure our spot.

If you’ve never been to the Faena Hotel Miami Beach, it’s one of the most glam Art Deco spots you can possibly imagine. Golden columns, illustrious wall art, and a clear view of their giant wooly mammoth (a piece by artist Damien Hirst) welcome you into a lobby that smells a little like what I imagine heaven is scented with. Everything feels like we’ve stepped into a whole other time and place, which is a welcome distraction from my home office environment.

Gone But Not Forgotten: Wooly Mammoth at Faena by Damien Hirst
Gone But Not Forgotten: Wooly Mammoth at Faena by Damien Hirst

A concierge leads us to the top of the stairs where we are greeted by a hostess who has a very nice young man (wow, I sound so damn old) lead us to our tiny table inside the Faena Theater. Everything is wrapped in rich reds. The walls, the stage curtains, the tablecloths – red is the theme of the evening in quite possibly the sexiest venue I’ve ever stepped foot in. Above us hangs a gorgeous (massive) crystal chandelier. The whole thing feels like a scene out of American Horror Story: Hotel (minus the creepy ghosts).

Once our drink orders are in, we don’t have to wait long before the show starts. Gorgeous dancers in exquisite costumes prance on stage (and continue to do so throughout the rest of the performance, parading in exponentially more dazzling ensembles), making way for our show hosts Kevin and Caruso. They, in turn, perform traditional magic acts peppered in with some humor, stunning visuals, more scantily clad dancers, and a pretty fantastic nineties nostalgic soundtrack – the whole thing has me laughing (sometimes gasping) like a kid for about an hour. A kid with a pretty great prosecco in hand, admittedly.

Amazing feats of contortionism with Kevin and Caruso // Courtesy photo
Madam Houdini tears through her stagehand // Courtesy photo

And then Madame Houdini shows up and the whole vibe changes. This woman is stunning. And hanging upside down while wearing a straightjacket. And for the next half hour or so, I cannot take my eyes off her daring stunts (and adorable stagehand). The whole thing feels very Game of Thrones inspired in a good way. And at the end of the show, I hightail it to the exit to grab a shot with the group and gush like a fangirl.

I may be biased because I am, unironically, a big fan of magic. And I’m also a big fan of burlesque performances. So mashing up these two concepts with music I adored in my teens felt like this night was made just for me. But If you’re just in it for the night out, I still think Magique is time well spent in a gorgeous location. And the jazz lounge, outdoor bar, and poolside cocktail scene are just a wonderful bonus. This is going to be a hard date night to beat.

The Magique cast at Faena Theater // Courtesy photo

About Magique at Faena Hotel Miami Beach

Miami is known as the Magic City and now it will live up to its fame with Kevin & Caruso’s Magique show at Faena Theater.

The spectacle, enjoyable for ages 13 and up, blends illusions with comedy and a splash of cirque, accompanied by a powerful soundtrack and stunning special effects.

Tickets begin at $65 and are available at For more information, visit or call +1 786 655 5600. Doors open at 7:30 PM and the show begins at 8:00 PM. Catch the show on Sundays & Tuesdays.

CLICK HERE to see more photos and videos of my night out on Instagram.



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