Sunkissed Makeup: Clarins 2017 Summer Collection

Clarins 2017 Summer Makeup Collection

While I’m admittedly a beauty junkie and have more makeup than any one person (who isn’t a professional makeup artist) should have, there was no hesitation on my part in bringing home this gorgeous summer collection by Clarins. Inspired by sunkissed skin and warm summer tones, you can easily rock this collection all year long. Read on for a closer look.

Product Review: Clarins Sunkissed Summer Makeup Collection

Summer makeup is a bit of a yearlong thing for those of us living in a tropical climate. In Miami, it’s not unusual to have your makeup literally melt off your face, even if it’s not summer (no? is that just me?). So it was without hesitation that I accepted this lovely little package of summer goodies from Clarins.

About the collection:

The limited edition collection is comprised of waterproof items (like the eye pencil that comes in a gorgeous shade of gold with a smudger on the other end), and shimmery components (like the lip oil with the pillowy applicator or lovely eye shadow compact). The goal is to make the person who wears it feel warm and glowy, minus the harmful rays.

Take a closer look at the Sunkissed Summer Makeup Collection by Clarins:

Shown Above: The Clarins 2017 Summer Collection is a limited-edition selection of products aimed at making you look and feel sunkissed. The collection is comprised of a Bronzing & Blush Compact, a 4-Colour Eyeshadow Palette,  Waterproof Eye Pencil, and Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil.

The Test Run:

I swiped this on before heading out to a family gathering on a particularly balmy evening. There was a ridiculous amount of rain happening (as has been the case this summer), which means a natural summer glow hasn’t exactly been within reach lately. But my face was definitely channeling summer with these glowy products. Take a look and let me know what you think.

The verdict? I’m a fan. The collection feels luxe, yet easy to wear. It’s not heavy or greasy. And the bonus is how incredibly lovely the scent on the bronze & blush compact is. I’m sold. This working mama may not be doing any luxury vacationing anytime soon, but I certainly feel like St. Tropez right now.

Ready to try the collection? Shop Clarins products right here.

Full disclosure: These products were given to me by Clarins for review. All thoughts are completely honest and my own. 



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