Recipe: Seaspice’s Power Waffles

Seaspice Power Waffles Receip

I wish I could tell you that I’m the kind of mom who wakes up on Saturday mornings to put together Pinterest-worthy power breakfasts for my family. But I’m really more of a McDonald’s drive-thru kinda lady. Still, there are those of you out there who can whip up a beautiful, delicious, and healthy breakfast like it’s nothing. And to you, I say, “Seriously. Why. You’re making me look bad.” For the rest of us who need a cheat sheet to achieve that level of excellence I only ever saw Mary Poppins attain, here’s the recipe for Seaspice’s Power Waffles.

Here’s what Seaspice has to say about these almost-too-pretty-to-eat healthy treats: “Created by Executive Chef Angel Leon, these Power Waffles kick the classic recipe up a protein notch by adding ground quinoa, oats, ground flaxseeds, hemp seeds and oats for a dose of vigor, energy and victory.” I’m sold. Here’s the recipe with instructions.

Seaspice Power Waffles Receip
Photo courtesy of Seaspice

Power Waffles

Buttermilk 409 gram

Butter, melted 84 gram

Eggs 2 each


All Purpose Flour 216 gram

Sugar 27 gram

Baking powder 11 gram

Baking soda 6 gram

Cinnamon, ground 1 gram

Oats 30 gram

Quinoa, ground 45 gram

Flaxseed, ground 20 gram

Hemp seeds 15 gram


Whisk together wet ingredients.

Mix the dry ingredients.

Slowly add the wet to dry, mix just until combined.

Spray the waffle machine with pan spray, pour ½ cup of the waffle mix.

Let it cook.




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