Clarins Skin Care Product Review

Clarins 2018 Spring Collection

Clarins Skin Care Product Review

The latter half of my thirties have had me on an enthusiastic quest for skincare. So when Clarins reached out to offer me a chance to try their 2018 Spring Collection, I happily agreed. Read on for a review on Clarins Extra-Firming Day and Night Creams and SOS Primer.


I was sent three skin care products from the Clarins 2018 Spring Collection to try, and just in time to feed that dry skin feeling I’m prone to now  that it’s not really warm and balmy in Miami (maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s my skin’s aging process…let’s say it’s the weather.)

I tried these for two weeks before stepping in front of my husband’s camera. Coming off a really short haircut, I was grateful for a little more glow in my skin.

Here are some details on these new skincare staples in my beauty routine.

Clarins SOS Primer

SOS Primer: I have to begin with the SOS Primer, my favorite of the three products. I am a fan of its versatility. I received 00 Universal Light, which is a bit of a pearly neutral that works on clean skin with no makeup or under foundation for a smooth, glowy canvas.

You can also mix this in with your foundation for more of a radiant effect, or place it strategically on your cheeks, nose, and forehead for a highlighting effect. And as if that weren’t enough, these primers can be mixed depending on your skin needs. Refer to the handy chart above to see each color’s specific use.

NEW Clarins Extra-Firming Day&Night Cream Duo - Kangaroo Plant Extract

Extra-Firming Day Cream: My complaint with other firming creams is that they often feel heavy and way too intense. That wasn’t the case with this day cream, which is infused with Kangaroo Flower Extract, a plant chosen for its regenerating ability. The scent was fresh and the cream itself was light and delicate. I also used it on my neck and the backs of my hands every morning.

Extra-Firming Night Cream: Also infused with Kangaroo Plant Extract, the night cream mirrored the day cream in its delicate consistency, which is a real surprise for a night cream. The scent was a little more on the musky side, which is my only complaint. But the product never felt greasy or heavy – a huge win as far as anti-aging skincare goes. Tip: Don’t just add to hands, neck, and chest; consider your elbows and knees for full anti-aging skin care.

Overall: Mainly, what I loved about these products is how they’re engineered to work on all skin types. They’re also meant to be an easy solution to a daily skincare regimen that likely has to exist within only a couple of minutes – who honestly has more than that to devote on a daily basis? This set makes it easy enough to stay dedicated, and that’s a big win for me.

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