Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box Code & Review

I got to try Simply Earth’s monthly Essential Oil Recipe Box. Read through for my exclusive promo code for a $40 gift card and a review with photos of my first experience.

Beyond diffusers and stress roll-ons, my familiarity with the use of essentials oils was pretty limited. Granted, I knew there were benefits attached to using them, but I had really no idea how. So when Simply Earth reached out to me about trying their Essential Oil Recipe Box, I was game. I would finally get to figure out what a carrier oil is and how to blend up some delicious scents. And this month, the box was dedicated to pets. Who even knew our furry friends could benefit? The whole experience was a lot of fun, as you’ll see below, and comes with a BIG bonus for all my readers.

Just ahead, here’s what I learned by trying the Simply Earth Essentials Oil Recipe Box:

What is Simply Earth?

Simply Earth offers a monthly essential oil recipe box to help make your house a natural home – easily. Simply Earth also does good by donating 13% of its profits to organizations that are actively working to end human trafficking. So your subscription box helps make a difference.

What is included in the Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box?

The Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box includes everything you need to put together the month’s themed recipes. You’ll get pure essential oils (GC/MS tested) with an explanation of what each one is beneficial for, recipe cards, containers, and any extras you need to make 6 natural recipes.

NOTE: Because it was my first box, I also received a blue bonus box that contained carrier oils and coconut oil – check out the Simply Earth site to learn more about getting your own bonus box!

Simply Earth May 2019 Essential Oil Recipe Box

Simply Earth Coconut Oil

How does it work?

The Simply Earth team, along with their in-house aromatherapist, creates recipes for your natural home. You get the pure essential oils plus recipes and essentials tied to a monthly theme; make the recipes at home with friends and family for a fun and easy DIY wellness activity. Learn more about signing up here.

Simply Earth Essential Oils

My Experience with Simply Earth

Because this month’s theme was centered around pet-friendly home essentials, I mixed up the “Itchy Skin Roll-On” and “Pet Odor Eliminator Spray” recipes (there were other options like “Anti-Anxiety Diffuser” and “Fur and Skin Conditioner” that I am also excited to try.) While I’ve often enjoyed the scent of essential oils and their aromatherapy benefits, I was happy to learn their uses extend far beyond lovely scents for human enjoyment. The box was full of useful tips, like how to introduce your fur babies to essential oils, and a breakdown of the best uses for each oil (beyond just the pet recipes).

These pet-friendly recipes were easy to follow, and the boxes contained everything I needed to put them together, including simple recipe cards, carrier oils, and even a really cute spray and roller bottles with pre-printed sticker labels. (The blue hanky was a nice bonus! Romeo is rocking it below.) And, even though the box was pet-themed, there are other uses for the oils and containers to make additional recipes with (I’m really looking forward to making lip balm for summer). Overall, this was a great introduction to using essential oils in a practical manner.

Essential Oil Pet Odor Eliminator Spray from Simply Earth

Pet Friendly Essential Oils Recipes by Simply Earth

Simply Earth Promo Code

Ready to give it a try? First-time subscribers to Simply Earth will receive a $40 gift card with their initial subscription box and bonus box when they use my exclusive code: BUBBLESANDINKFREE. You can use the $40 gift card on a future purchase or next recipe box. (Please note: This code is not a discount but an additional incentive intended for first-time subscribers.)



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