5 Tips for Boosting Productivity from the Moms at Meli's Monster Cookies | Bubbles & Ink Blog

5 Tips for Boosting Productivity

5 Tips for Boosting Productivity from the Moms at Meli's Monster Cookies | Bubbles & Ink Blog

The moms and successful entrepreneurs behind Meli’s Monster Cookies are sharing their top tips for boosting productivity.

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Courtesy of Meli’s Monster Cookies

When it comes to self-made success stories, Melissa Blue and Melissa Mehall of Meli’s Monster Cookies are the “mompreneurs” to watch in 2019. These hard-working moms — each with three kids under the age of 14 — established a craveable cookie brand that hit 4,000 Walmart shelves nationwide in February with easy-to-make dry mixes. Friends for over 30 years, the Melissas’ cookie business started with a family recipe passed down from Blue’s mother-in-law that has been enjoyed and loved for over 40 years.

In June, Meli’s Monster Cookies launched in Target stores nationwide! It came on the heels of a very successful Walmart launch. Needless to say, this Texas duo has taken the gluten-free bakery industry by storm. So how do they do it all?

Below are some of the tricks that helped them achieve work-life balance.

1- Make Deadlines: Having deadlines creates a sense of motivation and gives a sense of priority to the various tasks.  As an entrepreneur, there are so many different types of items to conquer on a daily basis, it’s not always easy to know what should be a priority. Melissa and I discuss and make daily priorities for each week to enable to get through tasks and not get stuck in the weeds on items that are not important to the growth of our business.

2- Reward Yourself: Celebrating success is super important in a growing business. Sometimes “problems” can be overwhelming so it’s important to stop and reflect on where you’ve come and celebrate that growth, no matter how big or small.  We even celebrate every time a customer emails us to express how much they love our cookies! That feedback gives us the motivation to keep growing and expanding to the marketplace.

3- Stop being a perfectionist: I think this applies more to life outside of work.  Being a working mom and trying to do it all can be hard because there are only so many hours in a day.  Dropping the ideas of having a perfectly clean house, or cooking “perfect” dinners, or volunteering at every turn can be hard to do, but establishing a balance and getting comfortable with imperfection is important.

4- Prep for the week ahead: We create a list of “to do” items every week and connect with our team on Mondays to establish a game plan for the week.  Our list is ever changing as the week progresses, however, being flexible is a key to success in tackling goals and being creative in solutions.

5- Don’t Waste Time: Wasting time is honestly not hard for us because our days are so busy between running and growing a national CPG company and raising 3 young children each.  Connecting with people over lunch or getting a workout in is not a waste of time, but shopping online or getting distracted with an unimportant problem at work can definitely throw you off course.  Our daily tasks lists and priorities for the week help us stay focused and not waste time.

Meli's Monster Cookies Gluten Free
Courtesy of Meli’s Monster Cookies

What are some of your tips for staying on track?



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