Social Distancing - Coronavirus 2020 - Covid-19

End of the World Essay

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Dusting off the old blog since there’s something to be said for these interesting times we’re suddenly living in.

Social Distancing - Coronavirus 2020 - Covid-19
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EOW Essay

Nothing like the end of the world to make you see and appreciate what you really have. OK, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but the way people are stock-piling toilet paper, one has to presume devastation is imminent. 

I remember reading Ray Bradbury’s “The Last Night of the World” as a teen and thinking it was absolutely absurd that anyone would go about their daily life as usual when the end is nigh. But in these pandemic times, that seems to be the exact case. 

It’s 6:00 p.m. on Friday, March 13th. We’ve all just learned the world is coming to a screeching halt. But here I am on my laptop ordering sushi and feeding my child instant mac and cheese. We are no better than this. And this is exactly why we deserve this. 

We were given this opportunity to be something. To mean something. But fuck if we didn’t just make more iPhones and sit on our couches entranced by them. 

We had the power of eons of history and knowledge at our fingertips and all we chose to make of it is cat videos. 

Sorry to disappoint you, Great Maker. We just couldn’t help ourselves.

Note: Please take this as what it’s intended – a tiny bit of potential humor and observation of the crazy times we’re finding ourselves in. I don’t really believe it’s the end of the world, but rather a shift in how we will be living in it. I hope we grow, evolve, and thrive in ways we can only begin to understand as we navigate this situation. Stay healthy and safe. And please – stop hoarding toilet paper!

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