About Me: Hi, my name is Alicia. I was born and raised in Miami, FL, where I still reside. This blog is an account of my life as a mom, wife, food enthusiast, TV junkie, and lover of more lip products than should be allowed.

Thanks to a shared passion for good food and pop culture, I married my favorite person in 2009 and have been taking on the world with him ever since. Our little family now consists of an angry Pomeranian named Romeo and our beautifully strongwilled daughter, Lucy.

About Bubbles & Ink: I began writing publicly in 2004 when I discovered LiveJournal and became hooked with blogging. I started this site in 2010 to continue exploring blogging as a way to share thoughts and connect with people. Since then, it’s given me the opportunity to cover some pretty amazing things, which now include life as a mom, beauty junkie, and TV addict.

The name is a reference to some of my favorites: champagne, writing, art, and tattoos – the stuff great things are made of. If you would like to get in touch with me or think we can work together, please send me an email:  ali@bubblesandink.com. Thanks for visiting!


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