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Favorite Finds: Chairish


If I had the budget and means, I’d redecorate every few months, adjusting for seasons, whims and moods. But checking out the inventory at Chairish and creating these potential room accents around their vintage accent chairs was nearly as satisfying. Check out this site’s innovative take on buying, selling, and trading high quality, unique interior design items directly from their original owners – it’s the best thing to happen to estate sales since Craigslist. Oh, wait…

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Favorite Finds: Dot & Bo

Dot-And-Bo Interior Design Items on Sale

I’ve been on a mission lately to figure out how to reinvent my two-bedroom apartment and maximize its space potential. Adding a curious toddler and two creatives who use the living and dining areas as work stations means having to keep things clean and functional with a touch of whimsy because, well, it would be boring otherwise. Enter Dot & Bo.

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Trends: The Ampersand Obsession

Ampersand Collage on Bubbles & Ink

This recent ampersand logo trend has particularly caught my attention because it’s long been an obsession of mine as the quintessential symbol for my name (my initials before marriage were A.M.P.) combined with my love of writing and thus vintage typewriters. Does that make sense? Regardless, I’m a sucker for good typography design accents (I do love that Bubbles & Ink logo), so I’ve compiled a little cluster of cool pieces that I wouldn’t mind adding to my own collection. What do you think of this ampersand trend? I’m obsessed with that marquee lamp. Got any favorites?

SHOP THE POST: Clockwise from top left – Of Mice & Men Ampersand Typography Logo iPhone & iPod Cases, Ugmonk “And Then I Woke Up” Ampersand Tee, Everyday Art Vintage Ampersand Marquee Light, Alexandra Ferguson – Ampersand 16X16 Pillow, PB Teen Alphabet Ampersand Needlepoint Pillow, and Accessories Boutique “And Then” Bracelet in Gold.

Year Three

Jean Godfrey-June of Lucky Magazine interviews Lauren Conrad

Another year gone by and, yet again, when the 18th of May rolls around, I get that nagging suspicion I’ve forgotten something…which, of course, I inevitably have. The 18th marked my third year of blogging. When I looked back at year two, I thought there was no way I would top it, but just now looking back at my third year, I realize I have so much to be grateful for – and things are only getting better. Here’s a look back at my favorites (click on each pic to see more). Hope you enjoy. And THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading. <3

Bare Minerals at IFB Con

Red Lips & Red Light at The ForgeBrighthouse Baubles Bracelet & Heart Manicure

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Nesting: The Nursery Project

Nesting: The Nursery Project

Truth be told, I’ve probably been nesting for quite some time now – probably, some would argue, well before I even thought about getting pregnant. But once the hormones kicked in, I went into overdrive hitting up HomeGoods in an embarrassingly cliched way.

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Lusting after: Vintage Pink Typewriter

I just wanted to post something covet-able today for my fellow writers and bloggers. I came across this beautiful pink vintage typewriter on and seriously considered justifying a $487 decorative piece for my decidedly chic future office space. But then I remembered my husband would likely put my head on display alongside this beauty. So I post this for you to longingly covet with me. Enjoy.




DIY: Home, Self, and Fashion

I can’t get enough of the DIY projects lately. Maybe it’s the new year prompting me to get everything in order. Whatever the case, I’m riding the wave and seeing what these little hands can create.

If you’re having the same creative cravings, these sites should whet your appetite. If you have any other DIY sites, I’d love to hear about them. Leave me your favorites in the comments!

1) HOME: Blik Wall Decals – Because I tend to switch things around every few months, I love working with Blik’s decals; most of them are reusable and all are safely removable. They will send you your graphics in separate pieces to allow you to arrange as you see fit. Blik also works with companies like Threadless to bring you lots of great pop culture items (read: Pac Man on your wall) and countless designs from up-and-coming artists.

2) SELF: DIY Cosmetics – I could probably do this all day. There’s nothing like the freedom to create the exact color and product you want. DIY Cosmetics, “a green company”, has everything you need to customize that exact shade of lipstick you just can’t seem to find anywhere else.

And if you need the moisturizer and lip balm to go underneath that new makeup, Made On: Skincare Products sells a kit to make your own. Their site offers recipes and instructional videos to guide you through the process.

3) FASHION: Fashion, at it’s very basic, relies on the right print and fabric. And if the right print isn’t out there, just make it! Spoonflower actually allows you to design your own print on premium natural fabrics with no minimum requirement and an easy $5 swatch option to be sure you’ve got it just right.

If you want something done right, do it yourself. So go ahead – now you can. 🙂

Phase 2 – The Kitchen Project

I’m crouched in a corner of my kitchen admiring the angles of what finally has some semblance of the home improvement project I’d hoped to finish before Thanksgiving. My back is throbbing and my stomach is begging for something other than a cube of cheese and quarter cup of cranberry juice, but there’s nothing in that refrigerator that hasn’t already been promised to a guest or relative. No matter. In four days, I’ll be on a plane to Vegas savoring the kind of exhaustion that causes nightmare-free sleep. In the meantime, I enjoy the look of Phase 2 and wonder what I’d have done with just that much more of a budget. It’s a start…



A Little Panic, A Little Upgrade

November has caused me a level of  anxiety akin to that of stage fright combined with first-date jitters. Not only is my first wedding anniversary less than 3 weeks away (with a trip to Vegas pretty much right after our pumpkin cheesecake), but the proverbial baton has been passed and I am now officially in charge of hosting the family Thanksgiving dinner at my (very small and hardly adequate) home.

In traditional Cuban-girl fashion, I have already panicked and read at least 2 Williams-Sonoma Thanksgiving cookbooks. This, of course, was followed by yesterday’s impromptu trip to Ikea, mecca of all things cheap, chic, and Swedish. Phase one of my prep time turned into a living room makeover for under $130 (pics below – we basically bought a large mirror and small side table and moved things around until they made sense). Phase two will consist of a kitchen renovation, currently underway. Phase three will undoubtedly involve some sort of muscle relaxer and a bottle of champagne. Check back often and see if I survive.