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And Baby Makes 3

Hello, old friend. It’s been a while. Two months, to be exact. Coming back from New York following a grueling tourist run left me depleted of any energy, motivation, or inspiration to post anything worth reading. But the truth is, it probably had more to do with the fact that I was newly pregnant (surprise!) than it did with actually dodging tourists in Manhattan — though that really didn’t help anyone, either.

I’m now about four months pregnant and feeling much more energetic (and a lot less pukey), but the first three months were especially trying. This is my first child and I’d heard quite a few horror stories of what I could expect to endure. But nothing can really prepare you for the toll your hormones will take on your body. For the first time in my adult life, I was not in control of anything and it was driving me absolutely nuts. Every day was a gamble. Some days were ok at best. Others were downright immobilizing. I spent a week in bed trying to figure out what was hurting the most — I was discovering parts I’d never been familiar with before. And also discovering they could hurt to the point of needing constant rest.

I was also surprised to learn I couldn’t stand perfume, makeup, or anything with even a mild fragrance. So there went the product review and sampling I’d planned following that incredible loot I’d snagged at the NYC events. And then there was the morning sickness…the kind that lasted all day. I’ll spare you the details of the rest of these magical symptoms. Suffice it to say it was basically a permanent state of hangover but without all the fun the night before. Also a little bit like a second run at adolescent puberty.

But, mostly, it was a three-month period of hermit-like existence. I’m grateful for my self-employed status. I don’t know how other women do it and I seriously curtsy to their bravery and endurance. Still, despite the physical torment and daily symptom discovery, Tony and I are incredibly excited and can’t wait to find out whether we’ll be welcoming a little girl or boy. We’re now eagerly preparing for his/her arrival, which means I may be a little slow on the posts and reviews, but I’ll do my best to keep them coming. I’m starting to feel much more like myself, so I’m optimistic about that.

Anyway, I couldn’t wait to share the news and hope to be able to share more of the process with my readers. There must be other mommies or moms-to-be out there who can share in the process. If you are, I’d love to hear from you. Trust me, any little bit of encouragement helps. Xx

P.S. Thanks to my incredibly talented husband for the awesome pregnancy announcement (photo above).