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Link Love

Tuesday’s as good a day as any to throw some love in the direction of the sites that keep me sane, entertained, and inspired – particularly on days when I’m avoiding work due to the perpetual incompetence that tends to follow the need for technical support. I hope these sites and blogs provide you the same comfort and respite they allow me. Enjoy.

1) Nicolette Mason – A self-proclaimed aesthetically obsessed female.

2) BaubleBar – Because a girl just needs to shop sometimes.

3) A Beautiful Mess – The quirky DIY girl. Love.

4) ban.do – Cutest little things, usually dipped in glitter and sequins.

5) A Little Hamster – Jewelry designer and illustrator from the Netherlands with such delicate pieces.

6) Bella Vida – Fellow blogger friend and lover of fashion.

7) Electric Blogarella – Fabulous It-girl about Miami.

8 ) The Fashion Poet – Miami’s fashion girl, usually hosting or appearing at fantastic events.

ban.do iPhone Case

Here’s a quickie post between loads of laundry as I fear I’ve been possessed by the ghost of Cuban Abuelas Past. While I cannot sit still for more than two minutes due to the insistent state of dissatisfaction it seems I’ll be feeling until everything’s been given a good scrub with Mistolin, I’ve taken a break to bring you something that made me audibly squeal: the ban.do iPhone case.

Known for its signature hearts and sparkly accessories, ban.do has now added this covet-able phone case to its already too-friggin-cute-for-words-type inventory.

The white plastic case runs for $25 and is designed to fit iPhone 4. You can also receive 15% off your next order by joining their mailing list.



ban.do signature scarf

I’m finding it hard to take my mind off pretty things today. Quite appropriately, ban.do just sent me an email about the arrival of their new signature scarf (100% silk – pics below). Enter code “sigscarf” through April 13th to get 15% off this adorable little wrap.

While you’re there, do some good by checking out their Hearts for Japan section, with proceeds going to relief efforts in Japan.