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Tourist for a Day


There’s something to be said for seeing your city as a foreigner. More precisely, as a full-blown tourist from the second floor of a double-decker bus. I wore my best attempt at a kitschy ensemble and joined the rest of a very international group for a day of rediscovering my town. I’ve gotta admit, Miami; you’ve never looked better.

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EM3 the Movie (Eenie Meenie Miney Moe)

Sometimes the gods are good. And though I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve the favor of their grace, I am, all the same, basking in the glow of the film gods as I continue to watch the teaser trailer for EM3 and wonder how I got so lucky to be even marginally involved with this piece. Though my involvement was minimal (I had the chance to review and do one of the script edits in its developmental phase), it was an amazing experience to be able to work on such a dynamic screenplay. These guys captured Miami in its good and bad, the way only a native could.

While I wish I could share the trailer with you, Emmy award-winning editor turned feature film director Jokes Yanes insists it’s not ready for the world yet, so I’ll have to sit tight and keep my links to myself for the moment. But what I can share with you is a few behind-the-scenes images to whet your appetite for the kind of film-making that’s been long overdue in Miami.




From the award-winning filmmakers behind Magic City Memoirs and Vladimir’s Vodka comes EM3: Written & Directed by Jorge Jokes Yanes, starring Andres Dominguez, Belkys Isabel Galvez, Oscar Torre, J.Bishop, David Lago, Sito Rocks & more. 

To follow this Miami-born, Miami-made movie, check out their tumblr or follow them on Twitter at @em3_themovie.