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Caribbean Happy Hour

The end of a long week feels so incredibly sweet. My husband and I are getting away for a few days to the Caribbean, so I have already happily checked out of work mode, even though we both still have a ton of stuff to do before we can officially set our brains to vacation status. Regardless, I’ve already packed (mentally, anyway) and can’t wait to trade my heels for some (really shiny Tory Burch) flip flops.

Here’s what I’m taking with me:



 In this post:

1) Monaco Straw Banded Fedora

2) ASOS Beach Cover Up

3) Red Polka Dot One Piece Swimsuit

4) Tory Burch Flip Flops

A Nuptial Happy Hour

Today’s Happy Hour post was inspired by the wedding I’ve been hired to work on today. As you’re reading this, it’s likely that I’m cursing the shoes I’m currently running in, never being one for convention over pretty stuff. But who can resist when there are shoes like the satin-y dreams the guys at Badgley Mischka think up? I wore them on my own wedding day (in fact, I wore two different pairs), and still regularly swoon over them.

Here are some gorgeous things you don’t have to be a bride to wear. In fact, I could seriously justify wearing these around the house while doing laundry (Never met a purchase I couldn’t justify – I’m that good). So, enjoy – and don’t curse me when you’re breaking these puppies in. Beauty, pain. All that jazz. Cheers!




In this post:

1) Badgley Mischka Fleur de Nuit Eau de Parfum

2) Badgley Mischka Gold Lace Dangle Earrings

3) Badgley Mischka Randee

4) Badgley Mischka Isadora

5) Badgley Mischka Lissa

6) Badgley Mischka Humbie

A Rainy Happy Hour

Happy Monday, friends. I realize I owe you a Happy Hour post, and I do apologize for the delay. It seems the rainy weather in these parts had me feeling a bit uninspired in the shopping category until I realized the right pair of boots and coordinating umbrella would make the soggy-ness just a little more tolerable.

So for today’s belated Happy Hour, I bring you spring brights to carry you through these sad April showers. Throw on some tights and a great trench and you’ve got yourself an outfit fit for splashing around town.




In this post:

1) Marc by Marc Jacobs – Miss Marc Umbrella

2) Marc by Marc Jacobs – Linear Logo Umbrella

3) Target Women’s Adi Designs Rain Boots

4) Target White/Navy Polka Dot Rain Boots

5) Hunter ‘Huntress’ High Gloss Boot

6) Sperry Top-Sider Pelican Tall Rain Boots

Holy Happy Hour

Whether you’re celebrating Passover or Good Friday, I’d like to wish everyone a blessed holiday weekend and inspire you in a little-explored fashion category I like to call “church chic”.

For today’s Happy Hour, know that you can still look good while getting your church on in these temple-appropriate items.



In this post:

1) River Island Striped Skater Dress

2) Kate Spade Abstract Bow Belt

3) Michael Antonio Pink Greer Wedge

4) ASOS Flip Lock Across Body

Shop Happy Hour

Hey, guys. I hope you’ve been enjoying the Friday Happy Hour posts so far. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet, it basically involves me picking out a few favorite items to reward yourself with on Fridays after a grueling (or maybe not-so-grueling) week.

Now you can easily shop all the Happy Hour posts by visiting the new “SHOP” page, to the left of the Search bar. So if you miss a post, you can catch up there and still shop your favorites. The page will be updated each Friday with the week’s new items ready for your retail therapy.

Have you been keeping up with Happy Hour? What are your favorite items? What other kinds of items would you like to see? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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BaubleBar Happy Hour

Winter skipped right over us in Miami. I can’t say I’m surprised. Just a little disappointed that my “winter” wardrobe didn’t really see much action except for those 3 days I spent in NYC in early February.  But that’s why I have accessories to turn to in the coming loooong summer months. It’s the only thing we really get to do well in this little city sauna we call home. Hence my new (and very quickly becoming serious) relationship (read: obsession) with BaubleBar.

For today’s Happy Hour, if you haven’t already heard of BaubleBar, you should probably become acquainted quickly. No, really. They’re basically just like that crazy dream accessories closet you see in movies about girls who don’t know they’re royalty but suddenly inherit a ridiculous amount of jewelry in every imaginable style to wear around their new palace while lounging on a silk chais being courted by the new prince she swears she’s only marginally interested in. The difference is that you can actually afford to bedeck yourself in their finest pieces without having to come across some sort of secret inheritance – a modern fairy tale to warm your heart.

Here are a few of my favorites – some of which I’ve been eyeing as a birthday treat… Hint!



In this post:

1) BaubleBar Acrylic Monogram – Extra Large

2) BaubleBar Pollock Cuff

3) BaubleBar Casati Cuff

4) BaubleBar Twitter-plate

5) BaubleBar Acrylic Monogram – Medium

Cocktails for Happy Hour

I love a good cocktail…ring. Seriously, though, if you’ve been following along on my weekly Happy Hour selections, you’ve probably noticed I have a healthy obsession with accessories. I love a good bauble as much as the next girl, but the thing is really how darn HOT it is in Miami all the time. Without accessories, we’re really just barely a step above walking around in rough-spun linen.

Enter the cocktail ring. If you’re Cuban or have grown up in Miami’s Cuban culture, you know the importance of punctuating a sentence with a good hand gesture. These cocktail rings deliver that point with style (and make us Cuban girls sparkle ever so gently while carrying on a conversation). Sparkle on, friends. Sparkle on.




In this post:

1) Vince Camuto Dome Color Ring

2) Blee Inara Evil Eye Cluster Ring

3) Kendra Scott Vaire Ring

4) Alexander McQueen Skull Cocktail Ring

5) Yves Saint Laurent Arty Gold-Plated Glass Ring

6) Vince Camuto Central Enamel Ring

Lucky Green Happy Hour

Oh, Friday, how I love thee. You make the whole week worth it. It’s been a little soggy in Miami, which is a sad change of pace from last week’s frizz free weather. But the weekend awaits and then a busy week celebrating Miami Fashion Week. First things first, though. To kick off the shamrockin’ weekend ahead (yep, I totally just said that), I bring you the greenest of accessories to get lucky in.





Inthis post:

1) Statement of the Art Necklace

2) Vince Camuto – Kate Thick Bangle Bracelet

3) BCBGMAXAZRIA – Exotic Technology Clutch

4) Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Green & Navy – 14″

5) BCBG Rink – Jade – Ginger Snap

6) Madeline Girl – Zippy – Green

A Very Studded Happy Hour

Alas we meet again on Friday, the most rewarding of all days. This week has found me in a rebellious mood. Could be my innate overwhelming repulsion towards authority. Maybe I’ve just been channeling my inner Joan Jett. Or maybe a girl just needs to feel like a badass every now and then. Whatever the reason, I’ve recently developed an obsession with punk-inspired, spiked, and studded jewelry that’s led me to scour shops and amass a collection of anything that can plausibly cause injury. If you ask me, that’s a hot characteristic in a piece of jewelry and I’ll gladly take two. If your inner vixen is in need of accessorizing, throw on some leather and knock yourself out with a few of my favorites below in today’s Happy Hour.




In this post:

1) Alexander McQueen – Twin Skull Bracelet (Crystal/Topaz)

2) Noir Jewelry – Stackable Major Spike Ring (Gold/Silver)

3) ASOS Spike Stretch Bracelet

4) Double Header Spike Bracelet

5) Adia Kibur Silver & Neon Chain Link Necklace

6) Gogo Phillip Studded Bangle

Handbag Happy Hour

It’s Friday, people! And while I realize it’s hardly even lunch time, I’m of the philosophy that it’s five o’clock somewhere. You’ve worked hard, you’ve survived the week, and now you’ve earned the right to treat yourself to a little happy hour therapy. And while I’m not necessarily encouraging drinking at your desk out of your coffee mug (except if you’re in catering, in which case, by all means, pop that bottle and pour!), I do support the idea of a little well-deserved indulgence. Without further ado, I bring you Friday Happy Hour.  Every Friday, I will post something easy on the eyes (and the wallet) to celebrate the end of the week.

Today, let us delight in Handbags. Here are a few of my recent favorites, all brightly making way for spring:




In this post:

1) PS1 Neon Leather Tote

2) Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Neon Pink

3) ASOS Slot Through Portfolio Clutch

4) Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Neon Orange 15″

5) Cambridge Satchel Company Exclusive to Asos 15″ Mink Patent Batchel

6) ASOS Frosted Bowler Bag