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Thoughts on Motherhood

On Motherhood

I just wanted to give a nod to all the moms out there for the amazing work you do. If you’ve managed to keep your child alive and healthy while maintaining some shred of sanity, I curtsy to you. Today marks four weeks since I began my journey as a new mom and while there have certainly been immeasurable joys to outweigh any and all inconveniences, there’s also this absurd reality that has indefinitely become everyday life.

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Sometimes life calls you into action before you’re even aware of the action you’re taking. This is a quick note of encouragement for my fellow Aries and anyone else who may be feeling conflicted:

Aries from NY Post: Horoscope by By SALLY BROMPTON

Some things happen without any apparent rhyme or reason and you need to accept that fact and not let situations over which you have no control worry you in any way. It’s life. It’s supposed to be fun…