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Wynwood Walls & Peter Tunney’s Art

I’ve lived in Miami my whole life and will admit to often having a love/hate – and sometimes even a love-to-hate – relationship with this oh-so-Magic(al) City. But even as I sit in my living room listening to the echo-y hollering of my proud Cuban neighbors bouncing off the hallway walls, I will admit there are corners of the city I enjoy stumbling upon. One such location is the garage-turned-gallery tucked away behind Wynwood Kitchen & Bar, where my husband and I (along with the Yelp Elite Miami crowd) enjoyed a free Peter Tunney exhibit a few nights ago.

After a wonderfully busy week of food, art, and fashion, it’s nice to settle in and blog for a bit to share some of my favorite moments before heading out for more of the former. I guess tonight feels like one of the rare love-to-love variety. Check out some cool scenes below. Hope you’re all having  a great weekend!

Peter Tunney: A Beautiful World



Wynwood Kitchen & Bar



What Reality? Live Screen-printing



P.S. Relax – I, too, am Cuban and will admit to being a teeny bit loud on occasion. It’s just a little harder to write with 8 other Cubans having a quiet discussion down the hall. 

MiMo Madness

Today’s weather was absolutely perfect for a street fair so Tony and I headed out to one of the many outdoor events taking place in Miami this weekend. MiMo Madness, nestled in the heart of Biscayne Boulevard’s Historic District, promised an eclectic bunch and it did not disappoint.

Along with the burlesque acts and street performers, I came across a few great artists and boutiques with unique handmade pieces. Chiquita’s is definitely noteworthy with a dedicated focus on vintage pieces from the 1920’s to the 1980’s.

Karen Keith Designs was another favorite with self-proclaimed jewelry designs for the bold and free-spirited. Wish I’d had the cash on me to take home a vintage miniature magnifying glass on a long black chain.

Check out my finds below. I’m now also a  fan of Treasures by Alicia‘s handmade bags and jewelry. (I’ll admit, the name got me):