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DIY Beauty Recipes - At Home Spa Soak - Epsom Salt Beauty Recipes

DIY Beauty: At-Home Spa Recipes for Stress Relief

DIY Beauty Recipes - At Home Spa Soak - Epsom Salt Beauty Recipes

Janice Cox, one of America’s leading natural beauty experts and bestselling author of Natural Beauty at Home, shares some of her favorites DIY beauty recipes to soak in for stress relief, better sleep, skin exfoliation, and more. Read on for full recipes and details.

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éclos Skin Care Giveaway – #EclosBeauty

This post brought to you by éclos Skin Care. All opinions are 100% mine.

Though I’m usually loathe to being photographed sans makeup, I’ve made an exception for this post in appreciation to the good people at éclos for sending over a little kit for me to try out the nicest-smelling skincare products I’ve ever come across.

I’ve always been a bit lax with skincare because, thankfully, I’ve never really had blemishes or acne to take care of. But then I hit my thirties and realized I could no longer keep coasting – my dark circles were becoming more pronounced and there were little lines and spots I hadn’t noticed before. That basically heralded the end of what I’d hoped would be perpetually maintenance-free healthy skin – and the beginning of my quest to find the right products.

Truthfully, when this little box arrived from éclos, I had three different brands sitting in my bathroom, all sort of pulling their weight but not really doing anything to gain permanent residence. Without sounding like too much of an infomercial, once I actually tried the plant-based beauty line, I was convinced I’d keep them around for a long time.

If you’ve never heard of them before, éclos products are made with Plant Stem Cells extracted from a rare Swiss apple (Uttwiler Spätlauber), which has shown tremendous “ability to stimulate skin stem cells, encouraging aging skin to behave like younger skin.”

I gave it a chance for a week and tried: the Facial Cleanser Skin Prep, Cellular Activator Face Serum, Moisture Therapy Regenerative Eye Cream, and the Instant Radiance Facial Scrub (use once daily, every other day). Aside from loving the way it smells (I wanted to eat it), the amazing thing about these products is that they don’t feel harsh on your skin like other cleansers and exfoliators I’ve tried. As I said before, I’m not really a fan of posting makeup-free pics, but I seriously think I’m a little more glow-y in the “after” pic, and the fact that my dark circles are pretty tame here does wonders for my self-esteem. Really. I feel as though I should be splashing water on my face while really upbeat music plays in the background.




One lucky reader will get a full éclos Skin Care kit to try for themselves by completing these two really easy tasks:

1) Leave a comment on this post telling me which product you’re most excited to try

2) Like the Bubbles & Ink Facebook page if you haven’t already

See? Easy. Contest runs through Thursday at 11:59 p.m. Eastern. Winner will be selected at random and announced on Friday morning. Best of luck to you all!

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