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Stud Week at Lulus

If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve developed an obsession with studs that can nary be satisfied as of late. Enter Stud Week over at the Lulus.com blog and my heart’s all aflutter over spikes and hard edges. I can’t even begin to express to you how excited this makes me. It’s honestly too much for words, so head over and check out their week of all things studs, including my new must-do project: studded nails. Yep. Amazing. Go now. Hurry! Someone’s gotta share this infatuation with me.

Image original to Lulus.com & Lulus.com/blog

A Very Studded Happy Hour

Alas we meet again on Friday, the most rewarding of all days. This week has found me in a rebellious mood. Could be my innate overwhelming repulsion towards authority. Maybe I’ve just been channeling my inner Joan Jett. Or maybe a girl just needs to feel like a badass every now and then. Whatever the reason, I’ve recently developed an obsession with punk-inspired, spiked, and studded jewelry that’s led me to scour shops and amass a collection of anything that can plausibly cause injury. If you ask me, that’s a hot characteristic in a piece of jewelry and I’ll gladly take two. If your inner vixen is in need of accessorizing, throw on some leather and knock yourself out with a few of my favorites below in today’s Happy Hour.




In this post:

1) Alexander McQueen – Twin Skull Bracelet (Crystal/Topaz)

2) Noir Jewelry – Stackable Major Spike Ring (Gold/Silver)

3) ASOS Spike Stretch Bracelet

4) Double Header Spike Bracelet

5) Adia Kibur Silver & Neon Chain Link Necklace

6) Gogo Phillip Studded Bangle