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Baking with Pinterest

Don’t worry, you’re not on the wrong blog. I actually did bake – something I used to do quite often back when I worked in an office, though, admittedly, really only out of the box (did the minibar in the background give it away?). But you know how on Pinterest you save things to infinity and never actually do anything with them? Is that just me? Anyway, I decided to actually try out one of those recipes I’d been hoarding and the results were actually pretty great, if I do say so myself.

What you see here is my execution of Tidy Mom’s recipe re-pinned ad infitum, which I found here in its nth life. Basically, you follow the steps on the box but add an extra egg (two if you want it to be extra rich – I may have added five. I suspect one was a twin.). Replace the oil for melted butter and double the amount. Use milk instead of water and then mix well (I actually had to use a hand blender and a whisk because it was so rich). Then just follow the time on the box and wait for the cupcakes to completely cool before frosting. Don’t I sound just like a Stepford wife? 

So yeah – there you have it. Semi-from-scratch cupcakes that give my pinning purpose. I think. Anyway, my husband loved them and so did his office buddies, so I’m pleased as punch. Let me know if you try making them. I’d love to know how other flavors and variations turn out.

Saint Cupcake

I first learned about Saint Cupcake on Valentine’s Day last year when my hubby saved an email I’d sent him from Daily Candy and placed an order from the truly heavenly cupcake shop on the west coast. Luckily, he kept the tradition alive again this year and had this amazing box of sweet treats delivered just in time for the holiday.

Here are a few pictures before, during, and after assembly. I have no idea how they keep their ingredients so fresh, but the final outcome is truly divine.