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MBFW Swim: Mara Hoffman

MBFW Swim | Mara Hoffman Swim 2014

Mara Hoffman’s Swim 2014 collection was easily one of the most highly anticipated shows of the entire week. And it’s easy to see why. The tribal-inspired prints were bright, fresh, and incredibly intricate, which made the clean silhouettes the perfect balance for the kind of swimsuits and resort wear we want to don all the time. Luckily, in Miami, we’re able to do that. This collection was absolutely stunning in its balance of bold color and pattern paired with the chicest simplicity of cut. Take a look at some of my favorite pieces.

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MBFW Swim: Day 3

Reel Code Media App Girls at MBFW Swim 2014

Day 3. Sigh. Day 3… Day 3 can only really be defined by the number of hours we stood in line. We waited in line to park. We waited in line to check in. And then we waited in the mother of all lines for the highly anticipated Mara Hoffman show. Then I’m pretty sure we stood in line to stand in line to get into the tent. But once we were in, give or take a few challenges, we knew what all the waiting was about. Mara Hoffman was spectacular. The prints. The colors. The gorgeous models with the pom-poms in their hair. It was the sexiest display anyone could have hoped for on a hot summer night in Miami. And the best way to end Swim Week for me. Motherhood calls and that’s my favorite show, hands down.

Check out all the event pictures after the jump…

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MBFW Swim: Day 2

MBFW Swim: Day 2 on Bubbles & Ink

I wish I could tell you I was in better shape, but the truth is that fashion week is not for the fragile. Perhaps I underestimated the stamina and preparation it requires to survive five days of shows, but I’d liken it to the kind of focus one dedicates to training for a marathon (not that I’ve ever done that). Day two of Swim Week left me aching and blistered – quite literally, unfortunately, due to my stubborn insistence on wearing some sparkly little Guess wedges that felt reasonably comfortable in my living room but not as forgiving on the pool deck of the SLS hotel after three shows and five hours of standing-room-only accommodations. Still, my worship of this industry is propelling me forward. And so it shall be that I continue on…in flats.

Check out some pics from last night’s events with Poko Pano and Suboo Swim being at the top of my list for the day. 

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Swim Shop

I was really hoping to make it out to the beach this morning but the weather didn’t quite cooperate. So instead, I’ve been in bed all morning, coffee in hand, shopping for what I would’ve worn if it weren’t such a blah kind of Saturday morning.

I’ve had a thing for one-pieces lately, probably because I’m feeling old and conservative. It’s making me sick to even think that way but that’s a topic for another post, preferably involving some sort of libation in hand. In any case, I’ve narrowed it down to these, all styles ranging from Old Navy to Miu Miu. What can I say. I’m an equal opportunity shopper.

Let me know what you think. You can click the pics to see more details.

Beachwear Bash at Bliss Spa

Just in time for summer, Shortcuts to Fabulous presents the Beachwear Bash at Bliss Spa at the W Hotel Miami Beach on Thursday, May 3, 2012 from 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. to get you ready for bikini season.

Hosted by Electric Blogarella Ginger Harris, you’re invited to shop swimwear by Kariza and beachwear by Aquarius while receiving complimentary mini-spa treatments courtesy of Bliss Spa. Indulge in free hand massages, rapid rub massages and energizing vitamized oxygen spray facial treatments while imbibing on cocktails provided by Grey Goose.

Details below. RSVP to RSVP@shortcutstofabulous.com.

Caribbean Happy Hour

The end of a long week feels so incredibly sweet. My husband and I are getting away for a few days to the Caribbean, so I have already happily checked out of work mode, even though we both still have a ton of stuff to do before we can officially set our brains to vacation status. Regardless, I’ve already packed (mentally, anyway) and can’t wait to trade my heels for some (really shiny Tory Burch) flip flops.

Here’s what I’m taking with me:



 In this post:

1) Monaco Straw Banded Fedora

2) ASOS Beach Cover Up

3) Red Polka Dot One Piece Swimsuit

4) Tory Burch Flip Flops

MBIFW 2012 Swimwear: Zella Machado

Zella Machado Swimwear is the unlikely result of a design collaboration between Brazilian-born Bruna Santana and her grandmother, Zella Machado Santana. Designed to flatter all female figures, Zella Machado celebrates the feminine aesthetic, inspired by beauty, elegance, and vibrant colors. Zella Machado will also create and design custom swimwear if provided with specific measurements here.

See more pics from this show and other Miami Fashion Week events on our Facebook page.



Note: All original photographs taken by Tony Espinoza for Bubbles & Ink. Please credit accordingly. 

MBIFW 2012 Swimwear: Pais del Sol

Hailing from Ecuador, Pais del Sol showed two collections at Miami Beach International Fashion Week, with most models flaunting their traditional handmade Panama hats. Since 2008, Pais del Sol has been working on small collections rather than mass-produced items in an effort to create a more personalized design experience. These two collections at Miami Fashion Week were examples of their varied style, with one being ethnically influenced and the other made with environmentally friendly dyes and fabrics.

See more pics from this show and other Miami Fashion Week events on our Facebook page. 



Note: All original photographs taken by Tony Espinoza for Bubbles & Ink. Please credit accordingly. 

MBIFW 2012 Swimwear: De Lancret

Launched in 2006, De Lancret is Brazilian designer Helen Victoria’s swimwear collection. Featuring mostly classic styles in clean prints and flattering fits, Helen says her designs are aimed at making her clients feel classic with a touch of the “offbeat.”

See more pics from this show and other Miami Fashion Week events on our Facebook page. 

Note: All original photographs taken by Tony Espinoza for Bubbles & Ink. Please credit accordingly. 



MBIFW 2012 Swimwear: Emma

Emma Swimwear’s debut collection at Miami Beach International Fashion Week brought with it the warmth of the Greek Isles, home to emerging designer Emmanuela Iliaki. Despite this being her first collection, Emma has enjoyed top-level fashion experience, working previously for esteemed fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen. Partial to prints that favor the bohemian, Emma names her inspiration as the elements and simplicity of nature. You can keep up with Emma Swimwear on Facebook.

See more Fashion Week pics on our Facebook page. 

Note: All original images taken by Tony Espinoza for Bubbles & Ink. Please credit accordingly.