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Wanderlust: New York City


It’s a funny thing, parenthood. It’s Saturday, we’ve got a babysitter for 24 hours, and the best and most exciting use I can find for my time is catching up on work and running errands. And this makes me perfectly happy. I was tinkering around on my site, making updates, when I came across this draft of images from my last trip to Manhattan in September 2012. It was fashion week, I was attending some very trendy events, and, newly pregnant, decided it was a good idea to fit into an obscenely tight pair of red skinny jeans. I regretted it almost immediately when, two hours later, I realized I’d forgotten to factor in my newly growing belly’s need for space when sitting. Thankfully, Lucy is now out and safely on the other side of the bump with no zipper marks to speak of.

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Wanderlust: Clearwater, FL

The thing about living in Florida is that, despite all the complaining I do about the weather and lack of seasons when the holidays hit, there’s still something remarkable about being able to jump in your car and settle into a last-minute road trip to the beach in December.

Tony and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary recently, which led to a bit of an early “babymoon” we both seriously needed. One iPod and five hours later, we arrived in Clearwater, 26 square miles of beautiful beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and really nice people. (Not gonna lie – that’s probably what took the most getting used to.)

We stayed at the Sheraton Sand Key, a newly renovated resort which overlooks the quiet little beach town in all its unassuming splendor. And though this city girl would usually be crawling out of her skin in a place with nary a sound after dark, pregnancy has given me a new kind of appreciation for peace and simplicity – things I probably should have appreciated way earlier in my adult life. But above all, Clearwater and Sand Key have the luxury of choice with Tampa and St. Petersburg only a few minutes away. And that’s something I’m still missing down here.

Here are a few of our favorites in St. Pete, Dunedin, and Sand Key. If you’ve never been, the drive itself will do you wonders. But those unfiltered sunsets have all the makings of a cheesy romantic comedy. And it seems my hormones have made me a sucker for those as well. Enjoy.

All photos were taken by myself on Instagram or Tony on his Canon EOS 60D. 


Wanderlust: Buenos Aires

I was digging through my pictures when I came across these shots from my trip to Buenos Aires earlier this year. A friend and I were assigned to a job that gave us the chance to take in the sights and visit an antiques festival where we wandered around in the glorious January summer sun and drank cold cheap beer while checking out the treasures in this quaint little market.

I remember marveling at the choice of artwork on display and the brightly colored murals covering the walls of so many old buildings. We wandered around all day, searching for trinkets to bring home. I finally scored an antique soda fountain dispenser in a delicate shade of pale green glass and a Superman comic in Spanish, dated 1961, for my husband, both totaling less than $20 USD.

It was my first trip to South America, which makes it that much more nostalgic to have come across this little set of images (most were taken with my iPhone). Looking at these takes me back to the sights, smells, and tastes of this vivid city. Thought I’d share my wanderlust with you. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.