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Miami Fashion Week 2012: Street Style

One of my favorite things about attending any fashion show is watching the people and seeing how they pull together clothing and accessories to express themselves in a way that represents who they are and how they see the world – particularly this crazy thing called fashion that we just can’t get enough of.

As anticipated, Miami Fashion Week was unlike anything else that goes on in the world of fashion events and I’m grateful to What I Wear for having allowed me the chance to capture the other side of the runway: Street Style. I met some incredibly stylish people who inspired me to jump back into my closet and re-think my image.

Though there were many to choose from, I posted some of my favorite looks below. But you can catch the full feature on What I Wear’s blog, along with a slew of other fashion shows from around the world.

If you were kind enough to let me feature you, thanks a bunch. You were an inspiration. Xo.

Note: All original images by Bubbles & Ink. 

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