Box-Scentbird-Bubbles & Ink Blog Feature

If you’re anything like me, the scent of a particular fragrance can take you back to a specific time and place in your life. Because I’m a bit of a sentimental “pack rat,” I still have with me a little vial of the perfume I was wearing when I graduated college – and I was on a serious mission to find it. That’s when I came across Scentbird.

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The Filling Station Miami Downtown Confession IPA

Tourist for a Day


There’s something to be said for seeing your city as a foreigner. More precisely, as a full-blown tourist from the second floor of a double-decker bus. I wore my best attempt at a kitschy ensemble and joined the rest of a very international group for a day of rediscovering my town. I’ve gotta admit, Miami; you’ve never looked better.

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Dot and Bo Ampersand

Favorite Finds: Dot & Bo

Dot-And-Bo Interior Design Items on Sale

I’ve been on a mission lately to figure out how to reinvent my two-bedroom apartment and maximize its space potential. Adding a curious toddler and two creatives who use the living and dining areas as work stations means having to keep things clean and functional with a touch of whimsy because, well, it would be boring otherwise. Enter Dot & Bo.

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Rebi's Closet Miami on Bubbles & Ink Blog

Girls’ Night In: Rebi’s Closet

Rebi's Closet Miami on Bubbles & Ink Blog

Shopping from home while sipping on a glass of wine and paying less than boutique prices for the same brands easily makes me a fan of Rebi’s Closet – even though she’s also one of my closest friends. Sometimes, the fashion gods are giving.

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