Monthly Archives: March 2011

Tattoo Planning

 My life has been a little crazy lately. I’ve been planning my sister’s fifteenth birthday celebration more arduously than I did my own wedding (maybe because I had professional help for the wedding that I’m that much more grateful for now as hindsight is always 20/20), working a grueling day job at a prominent fashion/retail company, devoting significant time to my freelance writing in hopes that it will take off soon, and generally just trying to keep the mood around all of these things more pleasant than not.

If I’m honest, I’ll admit that none of this phases me – I rather enjoy the idea of tackling all of these challenges head-on. But with all the hard work, I’ve decided a reward is in order. With the recent compensation from my last job, I have booked a session with the ever-talented Maytee Bringas at Phat Joe’s on Saturday, April 9th. This session will double as a reward for my sister for being so great to work with on her birthday festivities – she’ll be piercing her tragus there as well. (Nothing quite like some ink and metal to bond two sisters together.)

The pic in this post is a mock-up that Tony worked on to illustrate how this piece will look once it’s complete. I already have a Mark Ryden portrait on my lower back (done by the talented Chris Garver back when he was on Miami Ink) and will be building around it with some inspiration from Angelique Houtkamp. Once that’s done, I’d like to start working on other pieces (keyhole pin-up, etc.) but this one has me particularly excited as it’s going to finally give some beautiful detail to work that was begun years ago. It’s time to get going again and I can’t wait.

I’ll be posting pics of the work in progress. Check back soon. Only a few weeks left for some fresh ink! <3

MiMo Madness

Today’s weather was absolutely perfect for a street fair so Tony and I headed out to one of the many outdoor events taking place in Miami this weekend. MiMo Madness, nestled in the heart of Biscayne Boulevard’s Historic District, promised an eclectic bunch and it did not disappoint.

Along with the burlesque acts and street performers, I came across a few great artists and boutiques with unique handmade pieces. Chiquita’s is definitely noteworthy with a dedicated focus on vintage pieces from the 1920’s to the 1980’s.

Karen Keith Designs was another favorite with self-proclaimed jewelry designs for the bold and free-spirited. Wish I’d had the cash on me to take home a vintage miniature magnifying glass on a long black chain.

Check out my finds below. I’m now also a  fan of Treasures by Alicia‘s handmade bags and jewelry. (I’ll admit, the name got me):