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Mom Life: The Target Mirror Reality Check

Have you ever looked back and caught sight of yourself in a Target three-way mirror? Let me rephrase. Have you ever wandered into the cute Juniors section at the front and convinced yourself you still look young enough to pull off those trendy Mossimo and Xhilaration pieces? Well, if you’re over thirty, raising a small child, and favoring sleep over exercise (like me) I’m willing to bet you have. I’m willing to bet you know just how jarring that sight can be. And, oh, how irrevocably disappointing.

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Hello Again.

It’s been nearly two years since I decided to take a break from this blog. At the time, I was taking on new responsibilities at work, managing two large blogs (and basically stepping into my dream job as an editor). I was also trying to keep my freelance career going while raising a toddler and trying to buy a house (which we’ve been in now for over a year, thankfully!).

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See you later…

Tony Espinoza Photography | Bubbles & Ink Blog by Alicia Palma

I never thought I’d see the day when I’d want to walk away from this. I started this blog when I had absolutely nothing else to spend my creative efforts on. This silly little blog is the one thing that started me on the path to figuring out what the hell I wanted to devote my time to. This blog helped me figure out who I was, and who I so desperately wanted to be. And  here I am, five years later, not necessarily boasting one hundred percent clarity, but certainly enjoying a much better view ahead.

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Wantable Style Edit: June Edition


My second Wantable Style Edit came in, so here’s a look inside at their June box (you can view the first one here). I have to admit I liked the color palette much more this time around and I wish I could have kept the jumper but I think my thighs had a different opinion on the matter. (Alas, the pear-shaped struggle is real.) I ended up keeping the black BB Dakota top but instantly regretted it, so I’ll be selling it on consignment since I already wore it out. Still, I think they took my notes from the first time into consideration (no more junior sized dresses!) and sent a few things that were a little more my taste (except for that really unfortunate soccer mom dress). Based on this box, I made some notes and edits for the next and look forward to seeing what they choose. For now, pics (and Pomeranian cameos) ahead.

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